G-Star Studios Announces New Opportunities for Students

gstar(PALM SPRINGS, FL) FEBRUARY 4, 2016– G-Star Studios (owned and operated by the G-Star School of the Arts), South Florida’s largest motion picture studio, has opened up a new season of productions with a back lot full of feature films, episodic web & TV shows, and major commercials. G-Star students are working on all the shows as cast and/or crew.

This past week auditions for a new web-based TV show, “In Sanity, Florida,” were held in Sound Stage 1 to accommodate the short list of 250 of the 1700 actors who submitted for parts in the show. The web-based TV show’s (then to cable) first season, produced by See-Worthy Films owned by Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell, will be shot at various Palm Beach County locations as well as at G-Star Studios beginning in April. Sanity is a comedy about a crazy small town in Florida.

Auditions were also held for “HENRI,” a drama written and directed by Octavian O for New Beginnings Films; an action and suspense story about a martial arts fighter who returns to his hometown to defend himself and the ones he loves, will be shot on G-Star Studios back lot. Scenes from the feature film B.F.F., a film that explores the potentially disastrous relationship between two teenage boys and a girl, were also shot on the G-Star Studios back lot. The film is written and directed by David Haines for RD Productions.

Requests for scouting to shoot at the G-Star Studios film production facilities in the near future have come from a feature film for select scenes starring one of the silver screen’s biggest stars; a major commercial by a multi-billion dollar sports company (back for a third production); and a new episodic TV show already licensed for a major cable network. All productions will include G-Star students.

Additionally, the G-Star School of the Arts will be hosting an open house next month. On March 5th and 6th from 1-2:30 p.m. students and parents are invited to come in and learn more about what makes G-Star one of the top Palm Beach County charter schools.

Soundtree Entertainment Announces Services for Talented Young People







The complexities of the entertainment industry can make it difficult for families to make the right choices for their child.

(JUPITER, FL) FEBRUARY 4, 2016— Soundtree Entertainment is pleased to announce a renewed effort to serve talented people and their families with the guidance they need to help young people reach their goals inside the entertainment industry.

Founded by Gregory James Blount, Sound Tree Entertainment is well known across the area, and offers many options and opportunities for talented people to take the next step on their career. Currently, the firm has a couple of projects in pre-production.

Blount’s book, “Talent 101— The Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry and Not Get Scammed,” has become essential reading for talent and their families. The guide has been featured on many film commission websites, and has the answers to many questions.

Some of those questions include:

  • What are the realities?
  • How do I find out if an agent or firm is legitimate?
  • How do I empower my child if they have a special talent?
  • Will investing monetarily enrich their talent?
  • What is the difference between drama and acting?

For more information on how Sound Tree Entertainment can provide guidance for talented people and their families, contact them today.

Sophia Star Announces State of the Art Internet Presence Building for Celebrities

12414jzbeyonceSophia Star is pleased to announce Internet marketing and online reputation management for celebrities and individuals in the spotlight.

“Celebrity profiles on the web are an important component of public relations.” -George Magalios

Celebrity profiles on the Internet are highly influential and what people read on the web will either positively or negative affect popularity. The Sophia Star marketing service enhances celebrity profiles and protects individuals from Internet propaganda and any undesired content that should surface on the web.

(Palm Beach, FL) January 24, 2014– The celebrities that are represented on the Internet as talented professionals are earning the respect of fans and attracting attention from casting directors, booking agents and endorsement promoters. Sofia Star Internet PR, web design for celebrities and reputation management is bringing clients the online presence needed to maintain a positive image and enhance careers.

Sophia Star is a full service-marketing firm that creates powerful and persuasive identities for celebrity clients. It’s Internet presence-building campaigns bring actors, athletes, politicians, corporate executives and high profile personalities the reputation needed to expand careers and achieve success.