Barbara Sharief Announces Publication of New Pinterest Page to Promote Broward County

(Fort Lauderdale) September 26, 2017

A Pinterest page is many things: a reflection of one’s passions, an exhibition of one’s creativity, and a way to connect with people through mutual interests. For Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, Pinterest is all of these things and more. The Mayor recently published a new page devoted to Broward County, it’s history, it’s sites, and it’s many colorful characters.

Mayor Sharief explains her motivations for joining the popular social media platform:

“As Mayor of Broward County it is my duty to reach out to residents from all walks of life and to promote the many eclectic, elegant and state-of-the-art businesses in our communities. Pinterest presents me with a fun and approachable platform to show the public the restaurants I love, the places I love and the people I love.”

Barbara Sharief’s Pinterest page features a variety of fascinating photos and images from the far reaches of Broward County and across Fort Lauderdale. The boards on the site include such topics as Broward restaurants, Broward history, Broward celebrities, Broward fashion, historic homes, and many more. The images are complete with titles and, in many cases, short notes about their history.

Social Media has become a larger part of the lives and careers of many public figures, from actors and athletes to politicians and musicians. For Barbara Sharief, Pinterest is a platform, an avenue to promote and tout the benefits and joys of life in Broward’s communities, from Deerfield Beach to Tamarac and Pompano Beach. With its rich array of transplants, natives and seasonal tourists, Broward County is one of Florida’s most economically vibrant and culturally enriched counties.

For more information on Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief visit her official website, Facebook page or Pinterest page.

Beovich, Walter & Friend Announce New Portland Legal News Blog

(Portland, Oregon) September 19, 2017

Portland court reporters, Beovich, Walter & Friend are pleased to announce the publication of their new Legal News Blog. The new blog includes news items, feature stories and announcements related to the Portland, Oregon legal community that includes Multnomah County.

Portland, Oregon is one of the nation’s most progressive and dynamic cities that blends urban living within a unique natural landscape. The legal community is fast-growing and ever more dynamic, in keeping with the city’s embrace of forward-thinking evolutionary approaches to industries ranging from tourism and technology to video games and hiking.

Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF) are among the oldest and most respected court reporting firms in the state of Oregon and indeed, across the Pacific Northwest. With their range of services including real time reporting, videography, videoconferencing and litigation support, BWF is among the most technologically-savvy companies in the legal industry.

The new Portland, Oregon Legal News Blog is dedicated to keeping attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and other professionals in Law up to date with the latest happenings within their professions.

BWF President Julie Walter explains the genesis of the new blog: “We created this new publication as a service to our clientele and as a way to provide quality content on our ever-expanding website. We are proud of the work we do in Portland and we wanted to offer a gift to our legal community.”

For more information on the new Legal News Blog published by Beovich, Walter & Friend visit their official website at For information on their services and events visit the official BWF Facebook page.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Promotes “Broward Means Business” for Local Companies

(Fort Lauderdale) August 23, 2017

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief is pleased to announce the “Broward Means Business” initiative to promote local businesses. The Mayor has made proclamations to commemorate this honor for smaller businesses on her social media network to help spread the word.

Most recently, Mayor Sharief proclaimed August 22, 2017 “iBrow Spa Day” for Broward County. This proclamation may be viewed on the official Facebook page.

Small businesses represent the very heart of the American economy and Broward County is one of Florida’s most prosperous and forward-thinking business-friendly cities.  Barbara Sharief has worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of doing business in and around the Fort Lauderdale area. Examples of her progressive and business-friendly positions include the “Broward Means Business” initiative and her official Pinterest page where the Mayor promotes a variety of locations and companies in her region, ranging from such stand-out restaurants as Yolo and The Foxy Brown.

Mayor Sharief is an example of one of the more Internet-savvy politicians in the nation. With her progressive use of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Ms. Sharief continues to expand awareness for her constituents and their businesses. Frequently providing links and photographs to the beautiful scenery and cultural events in Broward, Ms. Sharief often attends social and public engagements in her endeavors to tout the financial and artistic impact of the area.

For more information on the “Broward Means Business” initiative visit For more information on Barbara Sharief visit her official website at

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Announces Broward Is Listening Seminar for Local Business Certification

(Miramar, FL) August 1, 2017

Barbara Sharief, Broward County’s Mayor, is pleased to announce the Broward Is Listening Seminar to take place on August 3, 2017. The event is designed to help businesses get certified in order to conduct work with Broward County government and its possessions. All businesses registered in Broward County are invited to attend this free event. It includes conversations on topics such as:

  • Removing Myths and Addressing Realities
  • Expectations, Experiences and Needs
  • Challenges Associated with Getting Certified

Ms. Sharief, The Mayor since 2016, is among the dignitaries and officials who will attend.

“The opportunity to help local businesses understand the certification process is very important to me. Broward County is very interested in getting more local entrepreneurs and small companies involved in doing business with the county,” says the Mayor.

For more information consult the official poster below or visit

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Featured In The Sophia News

West Palm Beach, FL (July 27, 2017)

American Journeys don’t always take the easy road. The Sophia News is proud to announce the publication of a new in-depth profile of Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief called “An American Journey”. The profiled, authored by Sophia News lead writer C. Carnes, provides readers with a rich biographical portrait of the origin and rise of an American success story. Ms. Sharief’s journey from entrepreneur to leading political figure in Fort Lauderdale is detailed in an illuminating and provocative piece.

Ms. Carnes describes her project and evolution preparing for the piece: “I wanted to get a bit more of the true-to-life details of Ms. Sharief. Her story is both inspiring and memorable. For an African American woman to accomplish what Ms. Sharief  has so quickly is nothing short of inspiring. Her life and career make her a role model for both African Americans and women alike.”

The article includes comprehensive anecdotes about the Mayor’s life in a family of ten as well as quotes about her father’s role in developing her sense of self. Readers will find interesting photos from Ms. Sharief’s work as a community leader as well as a fascinating video of her appearance on Your South Florida, a local PBS program.

The Sophia News is a multimedia website devoted to profiling people and place that are inspiring, newsworthy and enlightened.

For more information visit The Sophia News and the official Barbara Sharief website.


Mediasophia Announces Launch of New Website for the Historical Society of Palm Beach County

West Palm Beach, Florida (October 19, 2016) Mediasophia, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the Historical Society of Palm Beach County. The project consisted of a new brand and color scheme, a customized shopping cart, a custom events calendar and many other features for the mobile-friendly website.

The Historical Society is one of the oldest and most important cultural institutions in South Florida. It’s mix of an artistic and educational mission provides are residents with powerful and evocative exhibitions, lectures, and many other programs that preserve and promote the history of South Florida.

Mediasophia President George Magalios comments about this new project:

“We are thrilled to deliver this expansive and intricate website and to be chosen as the design firm for this important project. Museums are now relying on building an online presence interactively with their constituents more than ever. The Historical Society website has been a significant work from the ground up that enhances the cultural life of Palm Beach County’s residents and brings this important institution up to speed with regards to the importance of a smartphone and tablet-friendly web presence.”

The website includes a variety of custom image graphics, full-width slideshows and an intricate collection of photographs from the Museum’s collection. Visitors to the site can now purchase tickets to events and learn more about new exhibitions.

Mediasophia is an emerging leader in web design and online marketing for cultural institutions such as art galleries and museums. The company’s dedicated team of designers and writers work closely with the visual arts and cultural spheres of influence to provide institutions with the latest technologies that enhance their online presence and contribute to their growing numbers of visitors.

For more information visit the Historical Society of Palm Beach County’s official new website at For more information about Mediasophia and its Museums division visit To view the Mediasophia overview of the Historical Society Museum project visit the Mediasophia portfolio.

Mediasophia President George Magalios Announces New Scholarship for San Francisco State University

san-francisco-state-george-magalios-mediasophiaSan Francisco (July 9, 2016) Mediasophia President, George Anastasios Magalios is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship for a graduate student in the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University. The new award will be called “The Magalios Family Scholarship” and consist of annual $1,000 donations to a student in financial need. Mr. Magalios is a graduate of the Humanities Department at San Francisco State who earned is Master of Arts degree with a focus on the relationship between philosophy and contemporary art.

Addressing the scholarship, George Magalios writes: “I am proud to give back to the San Francisco State University. I loved my time there. The faculty and students of the Humanities Department continue to be inspirations in both my personal and professional lives. I will remember fondly the many extraordinary minds and souls at San Francisco Sate that transformed my life for the better.”

Mediasophia is branding, design and marketing firm based in Lake Worth, Florida with offices in San Francisco and New York. The company donates a minimum of 10% of its annual profits to scholarships for students in financial need. The Magalios Family Scholarship has been established from these donations. The Scholarship is now offered at three of Mr. Magalios’s alma maters: San Francisco State University, Concordia University (Montreal), and Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh).

For more information about Mediasophia visit For more information about the Magalios Family Scholarship visit

MediaSophia Announces New Contemporary Art Division

Lake Worth, FL,  April 28, 2016

MediaSophia INC. is pleased to announce the creation of a new Contemporary Art Division as part of its branding and marketing services. The new division will represent clients as diverse as contemporary art galleries, collectors, and auction houses. Information about the contemporary art services may be viewed at

MediaSophia is a multimedia branding, design and marketing agency with offices in Lake Worth, Florida that represents clients in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and across North America. Its clientele includes contemporary art collectors, medical professionals, law firms, and executives across the business spectrum.

The company, founded in 2010, is unique in the marketing industry because of its intimate relationship to the art world. George Magalios, the President and founder of the company, has deep ties to such notable institutions as the Andy Warhol Museum, Wood Street Galleries, Art Basel Miami, and contemporary artists across the world. His background includes stints working for various museums and galleries, attending a variety of conferences as a presenter, and various exhibitions of his work in Athens, New York, Pittsburgh, Montreal and other cities.

As part of its new mission, MediaSophia will create dynamic multimedia campaigns across its proprietary network of blogs, social media sites, news sites, and other publications. MediaSophia retains strategic partnerships with a variety of news and web-based publications, all of which will strategically position its clients in the art world to better optimize their services, careers and holdings.

For more information please visit and the official MediaSophia Twitter and Facebook pages.

Orlando’s Ryan Reporting Offers New Community Page

Ryan ReportingRyan Reporting’s new page recognizes that Orlando court reporters are in high demand from law firms around the country who may also need more information about central Florida before their visit.

(ORLANDO, FL) DECEMBER 18, 2013— Orange county court reporters at Ryan Reporting are pleased to announce a new community page designed to give legal professional more information about Ryan Reporting and the area the firm serves.

On the new ‘Our Community’ page, law firms can find out about many of the cities and towns that Ryan serves. While many people might consider Ryan only for Orlando realtime reporting, the firm actually serves Brevard County as well, providing the same high quality of services to local attorneys as well as those visiting from out-of-town.

The new page also offers a list of accommodations and attractions in the Orlando area, giving visiting lawyers a way to better plan their visit to Orlando. They can find hotels, restaurants, and even find information about things to do to make their trip to the area more enjoyable.

About Ryan Reporting

Established in 1970, Ryan Reporting is dedicated to providing prompt, professional and courteous court reporting services to meet the needs of the Orlando, Orange County, and Brevard County communities.  The firm provides a number of essential video services to help today’s working legal professional including video depositions and videoconferencing, which can save firms time and money when utilized together to allow work to be conducted remotely. These capabilities are now being augmented by real time reporting.

For more information on the firm and the services it provides, visit the website