Shalloway & Shalloway Announce Special Needs Trust Services and Documents Free to the Public

(West Palm Beach) October 11, 2017

Age has a way of demanding more of our loved ones than we ever dreamed of.  Between caring for our elders and worrying about what happens to their estates when they are no longer with us, the complicated legal matters pertaining to estates, wills and elder care can vex anyone. This is where the importance of a solid elder care attorney is essential to the peace of mind of families and their parents and loved ones.

G. Mark Shalloway

West Palm Beach elder care attorneys Shalloway & Shalloway are pleased to announce the publication of their Special Needs Trust documents to the public at large. These downloadable documents include pre-consultation questionnaires designed to help families facilitate attorneys on the right types of legal counsel they need providing for their elders and families.

The documents are available at the firm’s official website at, and are provided free of charge, as part of the Shalloway & Shalloway commitment to pro bono services.

Mark Shalloway, the firm’s founder, explains the importance of educating oneself with respect to the legal documents surrounding special needs trusts:

“We’ve found that providing these FAQ and questionnaire documents on special needs trusts helps families prepare themselves for the road ahead. Our firm is proud to provide special needs trust counseling as well as services related to elder care and estates.”

Shalloway & Shalloway are among the most respected and trusted law firms in Florida. Their services have helped thousands of families navigated the complex paths of assisted living, health insurance, estate planning, and special needs care. With their commitment to seminars, free documents and other public services, the Shalloway team has paved the way in Florida when it comes all manner of legal questions and documents involving the elderly and those in need of care outside the purview of traditional methods.

For more information visit the official Shalloway & Shalloway Facebook and Twitter pages or the official website at


Kelehers, Fresno Court Reporters, Announce New Legal News Publication

Fresno court reporters Kelehers Certified Shorthand Reporters, are pleased to announce the publication of their new legal news blog and Fresno resources page. The blog publishes information, news and photos related to the Fresno, California legal community. It includes writings on topics as diverse as gang documentation and major cases within the Central and Southern California area.

Kelehers is a one of the oldest and most respected court reporting firms in the nation. Established in 1952 by Frank Keleher, the company has grown with three locations: Fresno, Bakersfield and Visalia.

Specializing in real time reporting Kelehers also offers videography, litigation support, document storage and conference hosting for depositions and board meetings. Each of their offices is equipped with state-of-the-art digital high definition technologies, ultra fast high speed internet and much more, making Kelehers one of the most sought-after and popular court reporting agencies in the state of California.

Regarding the Legal News Blog Jean Keleher states: “We wanted to publish a legal information blog related to big cases across Southern and Central California for our community. Our team of court reporters works closely with paralegals, expert witnesses and attorneys and we wanted to increase the level of professionalism within our field by contributing to the legal community in Fresno.”

For more information about Kelehers visit their official website at, their official Facebook page and their official Twitter page.

Beovich, Walter & Friend Announce New Portland Legal News Blog

(Portland, Oregon) September 19, 2017

Portland court reporters, Beovich, Walter & Friend are pleased to announce the publication of their new Legal News Blog. The new blog includes news items, feature stories and announcements related to the Portland, Oregon legal community that includes Multnomah County.

Portland, Oregon is one of the nation’s most progressive and dynamic cities that blends urban living within a unique natural landscape. The legal community is fast-growing and ever more dynamic, in keeping with the city’s embrace of forward-thinking evolutionary approaches to industries ranging from tourism and technology to video games and hiking.

Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF) are among the oldest and most respected court reporting firms in the state of Oregon and indeed, across the Pacific Northwest. With their range of services including real time reporting, videography, videoconferencing and litigation support, BWF is among the most technologically-savvy companies in the legal industry.

The new Portland, Oregon Legal News Blog is dedicated to keeping attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and other professionals in Law up to date with the latest happenings within their professions.

BWF President Julie Walter explains the genesis of the new blog: “We created this new publication as a service to our clientele and as a way to provide quality content on our ever-expanding website. We are proud of the work we do in Portland and we wanted to offer a gift to our legal community.”

For more information on the new Legal News Blog published by Beovich, Walter & Friend visit their official website at For information on their services and events visit the official BWF Facebook page.

Orange County, California Court Reporters, AMK Reporting, Announce New Legal News Blog

(Irvine, CA) August 24, 2017
Orange County court reporters Abrams, Mah & Kahn (AMK) Reporting are pleased to announce the publication of their new legal news blog. The blog provides attorneys, court reporters, and other legal professionals with inside information on news and events throughout the Southern California and Irvine communities. Topics include events hosted by local Bar Associations and new technologies in court reporting.

court reporters irvine, californiaAMK Reporting is one of Southern California’s oldest and most-decorated court reporting firms. The company offers services ranging from real time reporting and videography to videoconferencing and document transcription. In addition to their expertise in the reporting realm, AMK is also well-known for their litigation support services.

Based in Irvine, California, AMK serves Orange County, Los Angeles County, and neighboring communities. Their mobile-friendly website offers visitors an easy and smartphone-friendly way to schedule services on a 24 hour/7 days per week basis. With time considerations and mobility playing an ever-larger role in handling cases for attorneys, the technological capacities of a court reporting company play a bigger role than ever. Today, firms are required to provide state-of-the-art videoconferencing and tele-conferencing with live feeds, to name a few of the technological implications in a more computerized and travel-free world today’s attorneys operate in.

AMK Reporting has represented attorneys from a broad spectrum of areas of practice including criminal law, corporate law, real estate law and personal injury law, to name but a few.

For more information on Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting visit their official website or their official Facebook page.

Shalloway & Shalloway Publishes Elder Law FAQ Resource for Seniors and Caregivers

shalloway and shalloway elder care

(West Palm Beach) August 10, 2017

Elder care attorneys are constantly fielding questions on the intricacies of wills, trusts, and medicaid. West Palm Beach Law Firm, Shalloway & Shalloway is pleased to announce the publication of an online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list related to the care of elderly and special needs patients.

The FAQ range of topics include medicaid, nursing homes, and the establishment of wills and trusts.

“Caring for elder parents or special needs loved ones can be an emotionally and financially-taxing proposition” states Mark Shalloway. “We created this resource of Frequently Asked Questions as a way for our clients and the population at-large to get informed so they can make the best decisions possible for their loved ones.”

With an aging population and ever-increasing costs for nursing homes, retirement, and medical care, staying informed can go a long way towards minimizing stress and finding the best path toward quality and effective care. When it comes to estate planning, the legalities of every state along with the unique properties of every family’s estate make it essential to consult with an attorney.

For more information on the Shalloway and Shalloway FAQ or other resources on the law firm’s website visit For information on Mark Shalloway visit the official Facebook page.


Hanna and Hanna Announces Technology-Based Services for Today’s Attorneys




A selection of services is meant to give lawyers innovative solutions to the challenges of casework.

(HOUSTON, TX) FEBRUARY 18, 2016— Houston court reporters at Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting and Video Specialists are pleased to announce an expanded selection of services to help today’s attorneys meet the changing needs of their clients.

Hanna & Hanna is a family-owned and operated court reporting firm that prides itself on staying up with the latest technology and outstanding customer service.  The firm been in the court reporting and video business for over 25 years specializing in arbitrations, hearings, complex patent litigation and construction cases.

These new services, which include realtime reporting, videoconferencing, and a number of other video applications that can be used in many aspects of today’s legal work. These tools can be used to help lawyers save time, by giving them new ways to handle the multimedia information that is a part of today’s case materials.

This leader among Houston court reporting firms can also help lawyers in the courtroom, providing unparalleled litigation support.

For more information, visit the website