Cady Reporting, Cleveland Court Reporters, Announce Legal News Blog

(Cleveland, Ohio) February 13, 2018

Cady Reporting is pleased to announce the publication of a new Cleveland legal news blog devoted to information about the area legal community. The new blog will offer important writings on events ranging from talks at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association to insights on new cases and law firm hirings throughout the Northern Ohio area.

For the Cleveland court reporters, legal news and technology information make up a large part of Cady Reporting’s blogging on the company’s website. With more and more emphasis being placed on providing a full range of services for law firms and attorneys, Cady Reporting has expanded to include legal news serving the area’s court reporters, lawyers and paralegals.

Cady Reporting is one of the largest firms in Ohio and provides everything from litigation support to legal video and conference room facilities for depositions and meetings. Their market includes the Cleveland, Ohio area and many parts of Ohio. Cady is also a member of the National Network Reporting Company, a national court reporters directory. As part of the NNRC network, Cady Reporting offers strategic partnerships with firms across North America and can arrange for a full spectrum of court reporting services for law firms anywhere in the United States.

President and Founder Chuck Cady explains the importance of the Cleveland Legal News blog:

“As we increase our reach with court reporting services for law firms in all areas of practice we have been inundated with requests to provide our clients and the area legal community with more articles and resources related to events and news in the Cleveland area. We are proud to offer these services and prouder still that our clients value our insight so intensely.”

For more information on Cady Reporting visit their website at or their offices at

Western Reserve Building
1468 West 9th Street
Suite 440
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Lorian Bartle Publishes Classical Music Trends Blog

(Denver, Colorado) January 26, 2018

The studios of Lorian Bartle is pleased to announce the publication of a new classical music trends blog by the musician and music educator. Ms. Bartle is a noted classical guitarist and teacher based in Denver, Colorado who has traveled and performed across the Colorado Front Range. Her new publication features multimedia content devoted to great performances, theories, and analyses of classical musicians ranging from Yo-Yo Ma to Renee Fleming and Joshua Bell.

Lorian Bartle has performed her work in diverse venues for an eclectic range of audiences and is a highly-respected music educator. Her classical guitar work is particularly applauded for its eclecticism and elegance. Ms. Bartle’s influences and inspirations range from Ana Vidovic and Joshua Bell to Christopher Parkening and Andreas Segovia.

The blog is published as part of the community. is one of the premier news and blogging platforms in the world with contributions from experts in many fields including art, music, film and politics. Medium offers an eclectic and highly-informed series of articles with examples including “When Algorithms Are Running the Asylum” by Stephanie Pappas and “That Obscure Subject of Desire” by the actress Nathalie Portman.

For more information visit the official Lorian Bartle Medium page.

Baltimore Court Reporters, Gore Brothers, Announce Maryland Legal News Blog

(Baltimore, Maryland) January 8, 2018

Gore Brothers Reporting & Videoconferencing is pleased to announce the publication of a legal news blog dedicated to the state or Maryland. The Baltimore court reporters are one of the oldest and largest reporting companies in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area. The blog consists of regular articles, listings of events and links to resources related to conferences, panel discussions and cases throughout Maryland and within the Baltimore City area. It includes updates on events at the Baltimore City Bar Association as well as information on new pages published on the Gore Brothers website.

Read regularly by court reporting professionals and attorneys alike, the Gore Brothers website is a major resource for technology and case information related to videoconferencing, court reporting, litigation support and other areas. Gore Brothers is based in the Northern Virginia, Baltimore and D.C. area with offices throughout the region. The company also provides national coverage with its many strategic partnerships and offices. Properietor Joe Grabowski is a veteran of over 40 years in the reporting profession and is one of the most well-respected professionals in the legal industry. He comments on the Maryland News Blog:

“We are very excited about this new publication. We often get readers from law firms though the Beltway who inquire about new technologies and developments in depositions and court reporting for their cases. The Maryland News Blog provides another way for lawyers to keep up on events and news of cases related to all areas of practice across Baltimore and the state.”

For more information on Gore Brothers visit their official website at or their Baltimore offices at

36 South Charles Street
20th Floor, Suite 2002
Baltimore, MD 21201


Barbara Sharief Officially Announces Candidacy for National Association of Counties (NACO) President

(Fort Lauderdale, December 15, 2017) Former Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief officially announced her candidacy for President of the National Association of Counties (NACO). NACO is a national organization dedicated to empowering America’s counties and advocating for business interests as well as local political figures. The organization maintains a persuasive presence in the political sphere of the United States, particularly as it pertains to local politicians and their administrations.

Mayor Sharief’s campaign is based on her leadership and strong stewardship of Broward County. Barbara Sharief’s reign was highly popular with business interests, police unions and citizens alike. Her many initiatives and and strong leadership help heal a county that was hit hard by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Barbara Sharief was the leader Broward County needed after the shootings at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Her composed and confident personality blend easily and harmoniously with her warm approach to garnering business interest in her constituency. Her calm presence during the tumult of the airport shootings was widely-applauded by state and national media entities alike.

As a successful entrepreneur and charismatic former Mayor of Broward County, Barbara Sharief has made pledges committed to strengthening county economies, solving the opioid epidemic, providing treatment for those with mental illness and substance abuse, providing better care for veterans and their families as part of her platform for her candidacy.

For more information about Barbara Sharief and her candidacy for President of the National Association of Counties visit her official website at For more information about NACO visit their official website at

Elder Care Attorney Mark Shalloway Publishes Article in The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Magazine

(Fort Lauderdale) December 7, 2017

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s Focus Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of “Planning for Your Family’s Long-Term Care” by Mark Shalloway, a noted elder care and special needs care attorney in West Palm Beach.  The article addresses the soaring costs for at-home care for those with multiple sclerosis. It includes information on care for veterans and what the Veterans Administration covers as well as insight and tips for estate planning and assisted living facilities.

G. Mark Shalloway

Mr. Shalloway’s article also explores the ramifications and intricacies of Medicaid coverage including coverage for assisted living and nursing home costs. More than 95% of nursing homes today accept Medicaid. Interestingly, the article explores the legal and moral questions of coverage by Medicaid for specific conditions and disease. Extended coverage for multiple sclerosis sufferers in need of long term care is not provided by Medicaid while those in need of heart surgery can find coverage from the government program.

One of the single greatest threats to a middle class family’s assets over time is the cost of elder care or care for those with diseases like multiple sclerosis. Mr. Shalloway’s article addresses the hard costs of long term care and its impact on the financial picture for families and couples.

Mark Shalloway is a leading elder care and special needs attorney noted for his writings and public educational forums that offer insight and clarity into the many financial and insurance questions surrounding health care. He is the founder and President of Shalloway & Shalloway, a law firm in West Palm Beach established in 1992. Shalloway & Shalloway is dedicated to preserving the financial security and personal dignity of its clients.

For more information visit the official Shalloway & Shalloway website and the official Facebook page of the firm.

The Multiple Sclerosis Focus Magazine is published to inform readers of the health, social and financial implications of MS and the phenomenon of living with this debilitating disease. For more information visit the official Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Magazine website.

MediaSophia Announces Digital Political Consulting

(Lake Worth) November 9, 2017

MediaSophia is pleased to announce the creation of a digital presence building  service for political campaigns, consultants, and politicians. This service encompasses web design, social media marketing, online reputation management, opposition research and digital forensics for candidates and political campaigns.

The MediaSophia team combines its expertise in the realm of politics with its vast knowledge of digital marketing strategies to create successful, individualized campaigns for those running for local, state and national offices.

MediaSophia’s state of the art multimedia campaigns include social media, web design, reputation management, and opposition research, in order to derive positive outcomes in each campaign.

The MediaSophia team represents politicians for a variety of political campaigns, including candidates in local and national campaigns for election and re-election. The company’s online presence building also includes crisis management.

MediaSophia helps clients reach larger audiences by creating professional profiles on every relevant social media platform, and by producing consistent positive content in the form of blogs, press releases, and other formats across the Web, through Email and via viral content diffusion on smartphones.

MediaSophia strives to make our clients rise above competitors by enacting a carefully strategized, winning campaign that is individual to each candidate. All clients with MediaSophia benefit from advanced media placement on The Sophia Group network which includes The Sophia News, Business Trend Watch, Golden Press Releases and other entities.

MediaSophia is a multimedia content and design firm based in Lake Worth, Florida, that believes in a holistic and ethical approach to business.

For more information visit the official MediaSophia website at and the official MediaSophia Facebook page.

Shalloway & Shalloway Announce Special Needs Trust Services and Documents Free to the Public

(West Palm Beach) October 11, 2017

Age has a way of demanding more of our loved ones than we ever dreamed of.  Between caring for our elders and worrying about what happens to their estates when they are no longer with us, the complicated legal matters pertaining to estates, wills and elder care can vex anyone. This is where the importance of a solid elder care attorney is essential to the peace of mind of families and their parents and loved ones.

G. Mark Shalloway

West Palm Beach elder care attorneys Shalloway & Shalloway are pleased to announce the publication of their Special Needs Trust documents to the public at large. These downloadable documents include pre-consultation questionnaires designed to help families facilitate attorneys on the right types of legal counsel they need providing for their elders and families.

The documents are available at the firm’s official website at, and are provided free of charge, as part of the Shalloway & Shalloway commitment to pro bono services.

Mark Shalloway, the firm’s founder, explains the importance of educating oneself with respect to the legal documents surrounding special needs trusts:

“We’ve found that providing these FAQ and questionnaire documents on special needs trusts helps families prepare themselves for the road ahead. Our firm is proud to provide special needs trust counseling as well as services related to elder care and estates.”

Shalloway & Shalloway are among the most respected and trusted law firms in Florida. Their services have helped thousands of families navigated the complex paths of assisted living, health insurance, estate planning, and special needs care. With their commitment to seminars, free documents and other public services, the Shalloway team has paved the way in Florida when it comes all manner of legal questions and documents involving the elderly and those in need of care outside the purview of traditional methods.

For more information visit the official Shalloway & Shalloway Facebook and Twitter pages or the official website at


MediaSophia Presents Visionary Seminar on Beauty and Plastic Surgery Trends


(Lake Worth, FL) October 5, 2017

MediaSophia is pleased to present its upcoming Visionary Seminar, to be held on  Thursday, November 2, 2017 .

The private, invitation-only event will consist of leading plastic surgeons, taste-makers within the beauty industries, technology experts, and fashion editors, who will discuss the future and trends of beauty and plastic surgery. The seminar includes a keynote speaker, and will be hosted by MediaSophia President, George Magalios.

The upcoming Visionary Seminar Series will focus on topics ranging from the influence of celebrities such as Melania Trump and Nicole Kidman in plastic surgery aesthetics, to new advancements in fillers, breast augmentation, and body contouring technologies. Seminar attendees will discuss their work and engage with each other in an intellectually-stimulating round-table discussion format.

MediaSophia is a multimedia marketing and design firm based in Lake Worth, Florida, that believes in a holistic business approach content creation and marketing. MediaSophia offers expert multimedia marketing in the form of social media campaigns, advertising, web development and Internet presence building using its state-of-the-art exclusive platform of industry journals, blogs, and directories. MediaSophia has represented leading plastic surgeons, beauty consultants, medi-spas and weight loss centers across the world, from Paris to New York and Miami to Los Angeles.

The new Visionary Seminar Series will explore relevant topics in beauty, art, law, fashion, politics, and other fields in our culture, that will help those in attendance gain a fresh vision for their industry and business.


Please visit the official MediaSophia website, and the official MediaSophia Facebook page for more information.

Kelehers, Fresno Court Reporters, Announce New Legal News Publication

Fresno court reporters Kelehers Certified Shorthand Reporters, are pleased to announce the publication of their new legal news blog and Fresno resources page. The blog publishes information, news and photos related to the Fresno, California legal community. It includes writings on topics as diverse as gang documentation and major cases within the Central and Southern California area.

Kelehers is a one of the oldest and most respected court reporting firms in the nation. Established in 1952 by Frank Keleher, the company has grown with three locations: Fresno, Bakersfield and Visalia.

Specializing in real time reporting Kelehers also offers videography, litigation support, document storage and conference hosting for depositions and board meetings. Each of their offices is equipped with state-of-the-art digital high definition technologies, ultra fast high speed internet and much more, making Kelehers one of the most sought-after and popular court reporting agencies in the state of California.

Regarding the Legal News Blog Jean Keleher states: “We wanted to publish a legal information blog related to big cases across Southern and Central California for our community. Our team of court reporters works closely with paralegals, expert witnesses and attorneys and we wanted to increase the level of professionalism within our field by contributing to the legal community in Fresno.”

For more information about Kelehers visit their official website at, their official Facebook page and their official Twitter page.

Barbara Sharief Announces Publication of New Pinterest Page to Promote Broward County

(Fort Lauderdale) September 26, 2017

A Pinterest page is many things: a reflection of one’s passions, an exhibition of one’s creativity, and a way to connect with people through mutual interests. For Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, Pinterest is all of these things and more. The Mayor recently published a new page devoted to Broward County, it’s history, it’s sites, and it’s many colorful characters.

Mayor Sharief explains her motivations for joining the popular social media platform:

“As Mayor of Broward County it is my duty to reach out to residents from all walks of life and to promote the many eclectic, elegant and state-of-the-art businesses in our communities. Pinterest presents me with a fun and approachable platform to show the public the restaurants I love, the places I love and the people I love.”

Barbara Sharief’s Pinterest page features a variety of fascinating photos and images from the far reaches of Broward County and across Fort Lauderdale. The boards on the site include such topics as Broward restaurants, Broward history, Broward celebrities, Broward fashion, historic homes, and many more. The images are complete with titles and, in many cases, short notes about their history.

Social Media has become a larger part of the lives and careers of many public figures, from actors and athletes to politicians and musicians. For Barbara Sharief, Pinterest is a platform, an avenue to promote and tout the benefits and joys of life in Broward’s communities, from Deerfield Beach to Tamarac and Pompano Beach. With its rich array of transplants, natives and seasonal tourists, Broward County is one of Florida’s most economically vibrant and culturally enriched counties.

For more information on Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief visit her official website, Facebook page or Pinterest page.