NNRC Announces Page on Benefits of Videoconferencing

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(Folsom, California) April 16, 2019

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their new page on the benefits of videoconferencing. The page explores just how important videoconferencing has come to be in the world of litigation, and what it can do to potentially further an attorney’s case. By scheduling a videoconferencing service through the NNRC, clients can reduce their travel expenses, ensure better long-distance collaboration, speed up the communication process, and/or make sure their witnesses and other team members are as prepared for impending trial as possible.

The NNRC is all about making the lives of their clients easier. It’s how the firm was started. Over 30 years ago, court reporting experts were beginning to realize just how flawed the industry is. Court reporters weren’t using the latest technology, and weren’t doing everything in their power to ensure a quality service. So, these experts came together to form the NNRC—a place that brings together the best court reporting and litigation specialists across the world. Whether an attorney needs a court reporter in Reno, Nevada, or a videographer in London, England, the NNRC has a professional that will deliver every one of their needs.

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“NNRC can help you expand your reach and can save you time on your cases,” one NNRC executive says, “Whether it is connecting you to proceedings via the internet, reacting to changing circumstances during your litigation or accessing old transcripts, our team is ready to help meet your unique needs, while providing the reliable and accurate services that make our member firms industry leaders.

Quality service put forth by reliable individuals is what makes the NNRC what it is today. Across the world, clients have found the best court reporters in the industry that deliver the results they need every time. In the legal world, this is a most valuable feat.

For more information call the NNRC at (866) 337-6672, email [email protected], or fill out the contact form.

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