The Sophia News Announces the Addition of Phil Gornail as Executive Editor

(Lake Worth) April 11, 2019

The Sophia News, a philanthropy and arts journal, is pleased to announce the hiring of Phil Gornail as Executive Editor. Mr. Gornail is a veteran television producer and social media influencer who previously worked on cable television shows and radio programs.

Phil Gornail The Sophia News
The Sophia News Executive Editor Phil Gornail

Mr. Gornail comments on his new positions:

“I’m very excited to join The Sophia News. As Executive Editor I get to assist the power brokers in philanthropy by highlighting their journeys and turning up the volume on the passion they have for their causes.”

Sophia News Publisher George Magalios comments on this new addition to the publication’s editorial staff:

“Mr. Gornail will spearhead new Featured Profiles and Interviews within contemporary art, philanthropy, the business world and entertainment. His experiences with A-List celebrities in film and television represent a superb addition to our creative staff. Mr. Gornail will work with our writers to develop innovative content that showcases the creative and philanthropic achievements of everyone from movie stars and art galleries to doctors and those on the creative spectrum of our world. We are very excited to add a man of his abilities, experiences and achievements to our team.” 

The Sophia News is an advertising-free online and print journal with a readership that spans the world and includes celebrities, high-powered philanthropists and local givers who inspire us with humble and rich achievements. The publication features interviews with Museum Directors, artists, and a variety of personalities across the arts and philanthropy. The journal’s mission is to communicate to the world the link between creative pursuits in visual art, dance, theater, music and other walks of life with those who give to charitable causes.

The Sophia News highlights Everyday Heroes like Robbie Davison and Austin Perine who make a dramatic impact on the lives of those in their community through innovation, creative approaches to business, and simple acts of kindness and generosity. The publication also features in-depth profiles of major donors to the arts such as Agnes Gund and Frances Fisher in its Power Philanthropists section.

For more information about The Sophia News and its editorial staff visit and the official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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