Advanced Weight Loss Announces Crave Control Supplement

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(Corpus Christi, Texas) March 20, 2019

Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce their new supplement for improved weight loss. The Crave Control Serotonin Supplement is a solution to the stubborn weight patients have struggled shedding. Serotonin imbalances are implicated to lead to anxiety, depression, binge eating, and increased cravings for carbohydrates. By targeting that imbalance, the Crave Control Supplement reduces cravings, promotes appetite suppression, and increases the patient’s overall mood. Along with the Advanced Weight Loss Program, Crave Control is proven to help clients lose an average of 35 pounds in 12 weeks—a monumental amount, for those who struggle with weight loss.

“I am so thrilled to have lost this amount of weight so easily,” one satisfied client says. “I am feeling excellent, energetic and healthy as well as good about myself again. I’ve lost over 75 pounds in 4 to 5 months and although I have 50 pounds to go, I know I can do it. I’m going to stick with Dr. Eubank’s weight loss program forever.”

Dr. Dale Eubank, the primary physician at this medically supervised weight loss clinic, became aware of just how big of an issue America’s obesity epidemic is during his work as a gynecologist. He watched how hormone changes can have massive implications for a woman’s weight, and knew he had to do something about it. He took to developing weight loss solutions for men and women that are healthy, effective, and long-term. The staff want their clients to succeed as much as their clients want to succeed themselves.

For more information about Dr. Eubank and Crave Control, call (361) 906-1112, email [email protected], or visit their offices.

5920 Saratoga Boulevard, Suite 110B, Corpus Christi, Texas 78414

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