Attorney Josh Horton Featured in Washington Post Article

(West Palm Beach, Florida) March 15, 2019

Josh Horton, an attorney at the Romano Law Group in West Palm Beach, was featured in an article by the Washington Post titled “After hitting ‘rock bottom,’ some addicts and alcoholics find a road to recovery.” The insightful article checks into the lives of several addicts post-recovery treatment—a man who had once been homeless and found a support group, a woman who dropped out of school due to addiction and returned to achieve an honors degree in psychology, a man turned his life around after a life a crime, and Josh Horton.

The successful attorney had a difficult road to the life he currently leads. In high school, the habit was “cool.” He dropped out of high school and despite taking the GED intoxicated, passed. He was arrested for a number of crimes—from DUIs, to firing a gun outside his house. In 2013, Horton got sober through “a mixture of education, opportunity and love,” and eventually won a scholarship to the University of Mississippi where he achieved a degree in law.

Josh Horton. Credit: Gregg Lovett/PBPost

“My story is a lot about chaos and failure,” Josh Horton says, “and that I didn’t die in the process like a lot of my friends.”

Horton took his life experiences and used them to mold his work. Today, he serves as an attorney for cases ranging from investigations of wrongful deaths at sober-living homes, to suing pharmaceutical companies on behalf of individuals. After losing too many friends to drugs, Horton new works to prevent the same tragedy from occurring to the friends and families of others.

To learn more about Josh Horton, read the Washington Post article and visit his Twitter.

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