National Court Reporters Announce Mobile Scheduling

(Los Angeles, July 15, 2022)

National court reporters, NNRC, is pleased to announce its new mobile scheduling platform for court reporters and law firms across the United States. One of the interesting and most-overlooked aspects of paralegals and assistants working in a law firm is the search for a court reporting firm, often in short notice and often out of town. The words “find a court reporter near me” are more and more common in the Google search of computers in a pressure-packed law office these days, especially after the pandemic as cases begin to take on the pre-pandemic levels in terms of importance and scheduling.

Finding A Court Reporter Anywhere, Anytime

The NNRC mobile scheduling platform allows paralegals, attorneys and legal professionals across the United States and across the world to schedule depositions, court reporters, remote depositions and legal videography services from the ease and comfort of their smartphone. Because the mobile scheduling form for the National Network Reporting Company is user-friendly for any device and automatically resizes depending on the screen size, it means users can have a request for a service submitted while they are on the go or while they are at home. It also means, because of the NNRC policy of immediate response, submissions for services are answered within one hour if not sooner.

Legal Expert William Jensen comments on the importance of dynamic scheduling forms in today’s legal world:

“A good scheduling platform and form must always be dynamic, which means scheduling can take place on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The importance of this interface cannot be over-estimated in today’s fast-paced and diverse device world. When a court reporting company or organization can make it easy for its clients and legal professionals to articulate the services they need with one easy form without having to click on multiple pages or re-size their screens it means services can be requested faster and more accurately. It also means those requests will be fulfilled more efficiently.”

Independent Locally-Owned Court Reporting Firms Across North America

National court reporters

The speed and dynamism of the platform means law firms can find a court reporter anywhere in the USA or Canada immediately. It also means they get a certified professional form an independent court reporting firm, not a national or giant company. Using an independent court reporting company with a local history in its community means attorneys and law firms get more personalized and often more specialized services. A locally-owned court reporting, trial support or legal videography company has relationships with local attorneys and courthouses that create a serviceable and noticeable advantage for your case.

How To Schedule A Service Efficiently

When scheduling a court reporting, trial support or videography service, even if it is only for a meeting or conference, it helps to know all the particulars of your case before you begin the scheduling process.

To learn more about NNRC and to schedule a service visit or call 66-337-6672.

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