Corpus Christi Weight Loss Doctors Announce New Publication for Healthy Living

(Corpus Christi, July 15, 2022)

Corpus Christi weight loss clinic, Advanced Weight Loss, are pleased to announce a new publication dedicated to healthy living and permanent weight loss. The new blog includes articles and informative posts on the various ways hormone treatments, healthy eating and an active lifestyle can help people lose weight, keep the weight off and live a fuller and healthier life.

Dr. Dale Eubank

Each article is vetted by Medical Director Dr. Dale Eubank and features tangible tips, photographs and links to help readers feel and look better and live a life of health.

Dr. Dale Eubank of Advanced Medical Weight Loss in Corpus Christi

Dr. Eubank comments on the series and the blog in general:

“My team and I wanted to offer a series of publications to the general public online and to the Corpus Christi, Texas community in particular. It is important for people to understand that losing weight is an important but not the only step in living well and living a healthy life. Our medical weight loss treatments are effective and fast, safe and clinically-proven and we are proud to help our patients. I wanted to extend that notion of public service to the community to our website and its blog. This way we have a readership all over the Internet that can benefit. It makes me especially proud of our team and our medical staff.”

Obesity and Weight Gain

With obesity becoming an epidemic and more people being overweight than ever it is paramount that we think of weight loss as one aspect of a healthy body and a healthy life. With weight loss we must continue to be active, to exercise regularly and to eat healthy if we want to maintain healthy body weights and prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

For More Information on Losing Weight Fast

The goal of the Healthy Living Blog for Advanced Weight Loss is to promote the holistic aspect of living well and losing weight.

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