Anderson Reporting Announces Page on Remote Depositions

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(Columbus, Ohio) September 15, 2021

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce their latest page on the future of remote depositions. For over a year and a half, remote depositions have been a staple of the world of law. This page explores whether or not remote depositions are here to stay, why they work, and the future of remote law.

As a service that has grown to be essential to the function of the world of law, clients can always expect their remote deposition service to be exactly what they need. Anderson Reporting connects attorneys and their clients over a secure server where documents can be safely shared. As long as one’s internet connection is stable, audio and visuals are always safe. On the rare occasion something goes wrong, Anderson’s staff is on standby to help.

“Unbelievable handling of a last-minute video deposition,” one client says. “The great team at Anderson Reporting pulled a videographer and reporter out their hats and were on the record in just over an hour after our emergency call. Very impressive service!”

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Upon realizing that many court reporting firms could not deliver on the needs of their clients, firm president Gayle Anderson created her own business. She set a new standard for speed, accuracy, technology, and customer service for Columbus court reporters to adhere to. Since then, Anderson has moved forward with the same attention to detail and care in each and every one of the services the firm offers.

For more information on Anderson Reporting, call them at (614) 326-0177, go to their website, or visit their brand-new offices!

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