NNRC Announces Page on the Future of Remote Depositions

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(Folsom, California) September 15, 2021

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce a new page on the future of remote depositions. With how crucial remote depositions have been to the world of law during the past year and a half, many wonder if remote depositions will continue to be readily available. In short, the answer is “yes,” but the new page goes into depth about why remote depositions have been so successful, and even a little bit more on the future of remote services.

For the past several decades, the NNRC has provided attorneys with the litigation support services they require to be successful– including remote depositions. When one schedules a remote deposition with the NNRC, they can expect to be connected on a secure server where documents can be safely shared, clear audio and visuals are the norm,  and the NNRC’s certified court reporters are always on standby.

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The NNRC and their database of skilled litigation support specialists can deliver on any of your support needs. Do you require a skilled court reporter in Oklahoma? The NNRC can provide that for you. How about a legal videographer in Colorado? The NNRC has that covered. No matter what service you require, the NNRC can set you up with a professional who goes above and beyond your needs.

For more information call the NNRC at (866) 337-6672, email [email protected], or fill out the contact form.

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