Mark Shalloway Attends “Trusts From A to Z” Seminar


(West Palm Beach, Florida) July 6, 2021

Mark Shalloway, president of West Palm Beach elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce his attendance at the “Trusts From A to Z” seminar. The live seminar was designed to teach attendees about the in-depth world of trusts in one eight-hour program. Trusts are far more involved than one might think, and the seminar educated guests on topics such as simple testamentary trusts, revocable living trusts, charitable trusts, generation skipping/dynasty trusts, tax reductions with trusts, and so much more. The program was marketed to professionals across the state of Florida, making for a wonderful turnout.

Credit: Heban, Murphee, & Lawandowski

First and foremost, Mark Shalloway believes that education is the best way for clients to garner a complete understanding of trusts, and elder law as a whole. He proudly offers a plethora of newsletters and informational blog posts about the varieties of happenings surrounding elder law that can be accessed at any time. What’s more, he hosts a monthly seminar series that discusses topics from Medicaid planning to asset protection. The upcoming dates for that series are July 13th (2pm – 4pm), July 14th (10am – 12pm), and July 15th (2pm – 4pm).

“We just completed our estate planning package (wills, trust, DPOAs, etc.) and were very pleased with the experience,” one client says. “Our attorneys were Mark Shalloway and Jeremy Soffler, and we enjoyed working with both of them. They were generous with their time, advice, and experience, and they and the rest of the staff were very helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with. We would gladly recommend them.”

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