Rabbi Silverman Announces When to Book a Wedding Officiant

(Boca Raton, Florida) December 23, 2019

Rabbi Silverman is pleased to announce his new page on when a couple should book their wedding officiant. A wedding officiant can really make or break a wedding. The wrong officiant can bore guests to tears. The right officiant can move an audience to tears with personal and emotional anecdotes that will stick with attendants for a long time.

This page helps couples better understand when to book that special officiant so to ensure they are available for their special day. It is courteous to schedule one’s local officiant at least eight months in advance. This gives officiants ample time to block out your wedding date. Couples should wait to schedule venues until they have booked their officiant, just in case the officiant is unavailable for the original desired date.

In south Florida, Rabbi Silverman is among the best wedding officiants in the business. His reputation of inclusivity perpetuates the fact that “love is love,” something all couples want to be reminded of on their special day. Whether a traditional Jewish wedding, an interfaith wedding, or a same-sex couple, Rabbi Silverman approaches each ceremony with the same attention to detail that makes a wedding truly special.

“From the moment we contacted him he made us feel like family and let us know he was here for us through the entire process,” one newlywed says. “He was more than willing to talk over the phone or meet in person whenever we needed him. Rabbi Silverman will make your wedding a truly amazing service and he is hands down the best choice!”

When couples have the opportunity to work with Rabbi Silverman, they are treated like long-time friends, not strangers. That is what makes Rabbi Silverman’s weddings stand out among the rest.

For more information on Rabbi Silverman’s services, callĀ (305) 439-1990, email [email protected], or fill out his contact form.

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