NGO Technologies CEO Jasel Patel Announces Impulse4Humanity Initiative

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(Princeton, New Jersey) July 9, 2019

NGO Technologies and their CEO, Jasel Patel, is pleased to announce their Impulse4Humanity Inititive. Impulse4Humanity fights abuses against human rights, especially with children. Many Bangladeshi children lack resources, and even access, to education. Through NGO Technologies’  Impule4Humanity, the organization hopes to provide these necessities and more to children—extending to the creation and management of a school. As a leader in providing technological support to clients across the world, NGO Technologies hopes to expand knowledge through the distribution of a DVD curriculum, as well as raising funds to donate laptops to these underprivileged children.

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This project, and many others undertaken by NGO Technologies creates a lasting infrastructure and a legacy of hope and achievement in many communities across the world.  NGO Technologies’ mission to create innovative platforms that accelerate, simplify, and expand client capabilities makes it one of the most unique and socially-conscious technology companies in the world. Each technological solution is specifically tailored to maximize the number of people NGO is able to serve. Through funds collected from clients and projects, NGOTech works to break the cycle poverty creates for underprivileged communities and provide sustainable technology to these communities across the world.

NGO Technologies CEO Jasel Patel spearheads these projects with the utmost dedication for these causes. His work provides technological services that optimize business for clients, and ultimately impact the lives of those who need help.

“Working with NGO Technologies for almost ten years now has helped me grow exponentially,” Jasel Patel says. “I’ve grown as an adult in the workforce, but also as a person. It is incredible to see how the things I do for this company impact on such a huge level. It inspires me to keep going and to keep growing, because I wish to continue making an impact on the lives of people who need it most.”

Credit: Jasel Patel

For the people at NGO Technologies, helping others is a massive part of why they do what they do.

Many policy initiatives in countries like Bangladesh and Ethiopia, along South Asia and North Africa, are often band aids that provide little, if any, long-term fixes of structural and social issues. 

When it comes to financial struggles, short term solutions do not even make a dent in the real problems. The staff at NGOTech strive to tackle problems that lead to economic distress to solve problems head-on.

To lean more about NGO Technologies, email [email protected], call (917) 420-1222, or visit their office.

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