Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation Announces SculpSure

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Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation is pleased to announce that they have added SculpSure to their list of services. SculpSure is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for the removal of excess fat on the abdomen and hips. Advanced Wellness added the procedure to their lineup of wellness and beauty services because they know how after months of diet and exercise, that dream body still might be just out of reach. SculpSure helps eliminate unwanted fat and achieve that body in little time.

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The procedure is fast, effective, and has absolutely no downtime. Patients can go to the Corpus Christi weight loss center on their lunch break, undergo a 25-minute procedure, and be back at work in no time. Most patients feel no pain, simply a warm sensation during the procedure, but no lasting effects. In as soon as six weeks, patients see the results they desire.

“SculpSure is a whole new approach to non-invasive body contouring,” Dr. Dale Eubank, the primary physician at Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation says. “Now patients can receive treatment on their lunch hour and return to work right after, since no recovery time is required.”

In Corpus Christi, Texas, there isn’t a better place to turn in pursuit of one’s optimal body. Through Advanced Weight Loss, a branch of Advanced Wellness, over 1300 people have lost their stubborn weight and kept it off. At Advanced Wellness, the dedicated staff offered treatments to sculpt the patient’s body into the best form of itself, make the skin glow, and rejuvenate other parts of the body so that the patient looks and feels like the best version of themselves possible. At Advanced Wellness, the goal is to help patients feel better than ever—physically and mentally.

The initial consultation is free. See what Dr. Eubank and Advanced Wellness can do for you by calling (361) 906-1112, emailing [email protected], or visiting yourself.

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