The Sophia News Announces New Series: Philanthropy in Medicine

(West Palm Beach) May 2, 2019

The Sophia News is pleased to announce the creation of a new editorial series of profiles and interviews called “Philanthropy in Medicine.” The new series consists of extensive profiles and exclusive interviews of doctors and professionals in the healthcare and beauty industry who reach new heights in their fields on both a professional and philanthropic level.

The Philanthropy in Medicine series includes interviews with top plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, thoracic surgeons, general practitioners, weight loss doctors and other health and beauty professionals who transcend the standard paradigms of their work and become active philanthropists.

Philanthropy in health and beauty care can take many forms, from offering pro bono services to needy patients to contributing financial and professional resources to nonprofit organizations. The Sophia News interviews and profiles doctors and their practices from a holistic point of view to offer readers a unique insight into new trends in healthcare, beauty and the impact these professionals are having in their fields and in their communities.

One recent example in the new series is a featured profile of Dr. Mauricio Castellon, a top plastic surgeon in Florida.

Sophia News Executive Editor Phil Gornail comments on this new series:

“Our “Philanthropy in Medicine” series is one that is particularly important to me personally. As someone who has dealt with loved ones in need of substantial medical care, I understand the impact doctors have on the lives of their patients every day. This series is a labor of love for our editorial team because it features health and beauty professionals in a light they are rarely seen, from the point of view of the professional as giver, as a contributor to their community.”

The Sophia News is a digital journal of philanthropy that profiles achievers in business, the arts, and other fields who have a unique and enduring impact on people in many ways. The Sophia News publishes an annual book with highlights of the online journal’s regular publications. Those featured in extensive profiles and interviews are also published in the annual edition of The Sophia News. The publication profiles everyone from power philanthropists like Agnes Gund to every day heroes like Austin Perine.

For more information on The Sophia News and the Philanthropy in Medicine series visit and the official Sophia News Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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