West Palm Beach Celebrity Marketing Firm Announces Editorial Services for Screenwriters, Producers and Directors

3314editorialservSophiastar celebrity marketing announces the inclusion of editorial services as part of a full service-marketing campaign for screenwriters, producers and directors.

“Providing editorial services to clients is a logical addition to marketing to ensure success.” –George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) March 3, 2014– The inclusion of editorial services in a marketing campaign for screenwriters and film industry professional supports how a client is represented by the work submitted. A marketing company is responsible for how its clients are received by the public and direct audiences targeted for business. Including editorial services ensures when the client reaches those responsible for career opportunities, the work is ready for review.

Internet marketing for producers and screenwriters provides the exposure needed to increase public interest and gain the recognition supportive of success. When a producer is represented on the Internet with a state of the art web design and a continuum of press releases and blog writing that highlights works and showcases talent it organically increases popularity to gain interest of industry professionals looking for scripts.

Sophiastar is a full service celebrity-marketing firm that specializes in launching careers in the movie professions. Its clients are represented on the Internet with full force public relations and social media networking to increase popularity and achieve career opportunities that bring success.

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