New York Celebrity Marketing Firm Announces Custom Web Design and Brand Development for Entertainers Ready to Launch Movie Careers

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.21.16 PMSophiastar announces custom web design and brand development for actors looking to advance careers in the film industry.

“A state of the art website and custom brand development represents actors as leading talent in the industry.” -George Magalios

(New York, NY) February 28, 2014– New York City marketing firm, Sophiastar is pleased to announce custom brand development and state of the art web design for actors and entertainers looking to launch movie careers. Brand development and web design are key factors in establishing a powerful profile that attracts audiences and increases opportunity to obtain a leading role in film.

The entertainers that invest in custom branding and sophisticated web design create a profile that allures viewers and captivates large audiences. Reputation management and a strong online presence that reflects a desired image is going to impress both the viewing public and industry professionals looking to cast roles and hire actors that fit the character profile.

Sophiastar is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design and brand development for actors and entertainers looking to advance careers in film. Its clients are represented as leading actors in the movie industry.

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