Amid Court Reporter Shortage, NNRC Member Firms Continue to Expand

(SACRAMENTO, CA) JUNE 12, 2023 – Across the country and across the globe, member companies of the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) have not let talk about the demise of the court reporting profession slow down their growth and expansion in individual markets. In fact, as many NNRC member companies increase their market share, they have looked to hire more reporters, whether from competitors or from court reporting schools. Many news articles in recent months have focused on the negative aspects of court reporting in the United States, in particular the declining number of professionals working in the industry and the struggle to meet the demands of the legal system.

However, the NNRC has continued to grow its network despite this shortage, adding companies and becoming one of the most reliable and respected sources for court reporting services across the globe. The network features dozens of affiliate companies across the United States, along with partner companies in Europe and Canada. The network’s court reporters in California provide legal support services in San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco and Newport Beach, among other California cities. The network has a foothold in most of the major markets across the U.S. Its member companies work in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and other major metropolises across the nation, providing attorneys and lawyers with excellent legal support services, such as remote deposition services, legal videography services, transcription services, translation services and much more.

NNRC member companies stand well positioned to use the network’s resources to improve the technology that they provide for clients, which should help these companies to acquire more clients. The NNRC’s member companies utilize web-based mobile apps to keep clients connected. Many of the companies feature high-tech conference rooms that offer videoconferencing capabilities.

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