NNRC Continues Its Expansion with New Partner Firms

(FOLSOM, CA) MARCH 31, 2023 – The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is excited to announce the continued expansion of its nationwide network of court reporting companies, as more court reporting companies join the NNRC family. Relative newcomers to NNRC include D&R Reporting & Video of Oklahoma City, OK and Elite Reporting Services of Tennessee of Smyrna, TN. As one of the top networks for court reporting in the United States, the NNRC provides lawyers and law firms across the country with high-quality and consistent legal support services to help them prepare for trial and help them succeed in court. The NNRC’s network of court reporters across the country and around the world provides first-rate litigation support to lawyers and attorneys in many types of law, such as personal injury law, family law and business law.

The network’s companies across the country work together and provide similar services, making them particularly appealing to lawyers who need to travel across the nation for cases. A lawyer can feel confident that court reporters in California will perform as well as NNRC reporters in New York, Texas or Florida. NNRC member companies work together to schedule remote depositions of witnesses across the country. Along with remote depositions, NNRC member companies perform services such as legal videography, transcription services and different forms of multimedia presentations for the courtroom, such as printed trial boards and PowerPoint presentations.

As more court reporting companies join forces with NNRC, the network’s strength and collaboration will grow. Already featuring more than two dozen companies across the United States, the NNRC counts among its members several distinguished veterans of the court reporting industry, including past presidents of state and county court reporting associations. The NNRC also includes partnerships with reporting companies in Canada and Europe.

To learn more about the NNRC, visit its website at https://nnrc.com or call (916) 451-9187.

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