Rabbi Stephen Spiegel Announces Interfaith Weddings in Mexico

(Cancun, Mexico) July 30, 2019

Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is pleased to announce his interfaith weddings in Mexico. While he gladly serves those in his local community, Rabbi Spiegel is known for his wonderful accommodations to traveling wedding parties. Rabbi Spiegel does everything in his power to make sure his clients are comfortable, and that their ceremony is personalized. His hopes for every wedding he officiates is that his clients have the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

Destination weddings are all the rage. Though pricey, they make the wedding all the more beautiful and memorable. Rabbi Spiegel works to make that ceremony absolutely perfect. Through a questionnaire sent to both fiancées separately, Rabbi Spiegel creates a totally customized, warm, passionate service that accurately reflects the couple, no matter the religion.

“Rabbi Spiegel is one of the best in the business,” expert Julie Rehberg of Omaha, Nebraska says. “Clients rave about how he was the highlight of their night, and how his anecdotes and interpretations of their traditions were truly memorable. That is all someone can ask for their wedding day—memories to last a lifetime.”

Rabbi Spiegel proudly presents his services for any Jewish Life Cycle event on the east coast of Mexico. A married couple could employ Rabbi Spiegel for any number of ceremonies—from baby namings, to bar/bat mitzvot, to memorial services and unveilings. No matter the required service, Rabbi Spiegel puts personal touches on each ceremony that take the ceremony from good to gorgeous.

For more information, call (888) 593-8486, email [email protected], or fill out this contact form.

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