NGOTechnologies Announces Indepedals + Megabook Initiative

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(Princeton, New Jersey) July 17, 2019

NGOTechnologies is pleased to announce their Indepedals + Megabook Initiative. Started by a Princeton engineering project and supplemented by NGOTech, IndePedals is a portable set of pedals connected to a 12 volt dynamo, which can power any electrical appliance. The initiative targets rural locations where access to education is limited, or even non-existant, and provides children an autonomous educational platform that contains basic elementary school curriculums. With the IndePedals, children can power a device that empowers their learning.

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On a similar front, the Megabook Initiative to provide impoverished children eReaders. The educational program developed through Indepedals is downloaded onto these eReaders, so to continue the expanse of knowledge that is so massively important in low-income and impoverished areas.

“Few companies make as monumental an impact on the world as NGOTechnologies,” William Marcel Tremble of Charlotte, North Carolina says about the company. “The company works with so many different organizations across the world to spread knowledge to children who may otherwise not have access to it. NGOTechnologies really changes lives—and not many organizations can make that claim.”

Company CEO, Jasel Patel, is just as dedicated to his work as he is to the causes he gives back to. He is always looking outward in an attempt to find solutions to the problems the poverty-ridden face—such as limited access to key resources like funds, food, and education. The difference he sees in their lives inspires him to “keep going and keep growing,” because he wishes to continue to watch  NGOTechnologies positively impacts lives.

NGOTechnologies is a technological support company that provides innovative platforms that accelerate, simplify, and expand their clients’ work. Each of their platforms are tailored to provide solutions that work. Through work with various clients and projects, NGOTech is able to use their excess funds to continue to work towards providing technology that can break the cycle of poverty to underprivileged communities everywhere.

For more information on NGO Technologies’ services, email [email protected], call (917) 420-1222, or visit their office.

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