Cady Reporting Announces the Basics of a Successful Deposition

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(Cleveland, Ohio) February 21, 2019

Cady Reporting is pleased to announce a brand-new page on the basics of a successful deposition. While a deposition isn’t legally required when forming a case, it is a crucial tool that can truly make or break a case.

The page explores three key questions people may have about depositions. Readers can learn about the definition of a deposition, which is a complete profile of facts and testimonies regarding an attorney’s current case. Readers can also explore why crafting your narrative ahead of time can be highly beneficial to a case, as well as how attorneys can essentially ensure how to make their defense as impenetrable as possible. Depositions do all this, and more, for a case. Again, they are not a step required by law, but it’s clear they can make a huge difference in one’s case.

“Depositions keep you and your witness, on the same page,” Brandon Bell, a legal expert from Oak Park, Illinois, says. “See it as a practice run for the trial. You can help your witness with what she should and should not say. You can prepare them for any slew of questions the opposing counsel might throw at them. If you enlist the help of a legal videographer, that deposition can be used in court and even for your own reviewal process, which is massively helpful. They really are a key part of any case.”

For attorneys and paralegals in the Cleveland area, it’s a no-brainer which litigation firm they should turn to when they need a court reporting, deposition, or legal video service. For the better part of 40 years, Cady Reporting’s Cleveland court reporters have been titans in the area’s legal industry. With a national champion for speed and accuracy as their spearhead, clients can expert and unparalleled level of timeliness, accuracy, and efficacy.

Their quality of services are certainly coveted by competitors, but their customer service really makes them stand out from the rest. As a family owned and operated court reporting firm, Cady Reporting prides themselves on treating their clients like a part of the family. They know their clients by name. They truly care about the client’s case and the outcome, no matter how big or small. With Cady Reporting, clients can be confident their case is in good hands.

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