The Sophia News Announces Exclusive Interview with Daan Roosegaarde

Credit: TED

(New York) September 12, 2018

The Sophia News is pleased to announce their latest addition to their series of exclusive interviews. In this interview, the Sophia News discusses the life and work of Daan Roosegaarde, a talented and renowned sculptor and environmentalist. Mr. Roosegaarde combines his passion for art with his dedication to creating a clean, sustainable world to raise our future generations in.

Inspired by his distaste for the sterile and non-welcoming environments many museums produce with their “look, don’t touch,” mantra, Daan Roosegaarde knew from a very young age that he wanted to create interactive work that fosters a connection between all involved. The interview talks about this calling of his, the natural and artificial materials he uses to create one cohesive piece, and his vision for a world free of smog and waste with his Studio Roosegaarde.

Credit: Studio Roosegaarde

This exclusive interview with Mr. Roosegaarde is among one of the latest interviews published for this unique interview series. The Sophia News interviews people from all walks of life and professions—from renowned plastic surgeons to Scottish bookshop owners— providing the journal with an interesting perspective on the world and the many people in it.

The Sophia News is an advertising-free journal that produces works about the arts, philanthropy, and inspiring people and stories from around the world. The nature of the journal results in timeless pieces that transcend relevancy and can be enjoyed the day they are published, or years after.

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