MediaSophia Announces New Contemporary Art Division

Lake Worth, FL,  April 28, 2016

MediaSophia INC. is pleased to announce the creation of a new Contemporary Art Division as part of its branding and marketing services. The new division will represent clients as diverse as contemporary art galleries, collectors, and auction houses. Information about the contemporary art services may be viewed at

MediaSophia is a multimedia branding, design and marketing agency with offices in Lake Worth, Florida that represents clients in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and across North America. Its clientele includes contemporary art collectors, medical professionals, law firms, and executives across the business spectrum.

The company, founded in 2010, is unique in the marketing industry because of its intimate relationship to the art world. George Magalios, the President and founder of the company, has deep ties to such notable institutions as the Andy Warhol Museum, Wood Street Galleries, Art Basel Miami, and contemporary artists across the world. His background includes stints working for various museums and galleries, attending a variety of conferences as a presenter, and various exhibitions of his work in Athens, New York, Pittsburgh, Montreal and other cities.

As part of its new mission, MediaSophia will create dynamic multimedia campaigns across its proprietary network of blogs, social media sites, news sites, and other publications. MediaSophia retains strategic partnerships with a variety of news and web-based publications, all of which will strategically position its clients in the art world to better optimize their services, careers and holdings.

For more information please visit and the official MediaSophia Twitter and Facebook pages.

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