Anderson Reporting Announces Innovative Technology to Enhance Legal Work

Anderson Reporting
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Technology is playing an important role in services from Columbus court reporters.

(COLUMBUS, OH) SEPTEMBER 15, 2014— Columbus court reporters at Anderson Reporting are pleased to announce more services that will enhance legal work for attorneys who are working on a variety of types of cases.

There are many new innovative technology-based tools that can help lawyers connect with one another and the people who are crucial to their cases. Videoconferencing, realtime reporting, and online repositories can help lawyers work collaboratively with other attorneys or depose a witness remotely. There are many other tools that can help attorneys reach juries in new ways, and through this technology lawyers are getting results for their clients.

Anderson also offers these services to visiting attorneys who rely on this technology to help them accomplish their objectives in an efficient manner that allows them to quickly return to their clients and their practices.

For more than 25 years, Anderson Reporting has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing all of the very latest technology to legal professionals. Over the years the firm has evolved from providing legal transcripts and those types of services to providing the litigation technology that has revolutionized legal work.

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