Palm Beach Marketing Firm Announces Reputation Management Service Promotion For Cosmetic Surgeons

Beauty is Skin Deep
Beauty is Skin Deep

Mediasophia is offering a special promotion for cosmetic surgeons to quickly remove Internet propaganda from Google search results.

“Slanderous postings left unaddressed impede on the ability to earn the trust of prospective patients.” -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) April 8, 2014– Medidasophia is pleased to announce online reputation management for cosmetic surgeons that have been slandered on the Internet with defaming comments and bad reviews.

The cosmetic surgeons that are represented on the Internet with powerful profiles that reflect success acquire the most patients and perform the highest percentage of area procedures. Online reputation management has become an essential component of marketing a practice. With hundreds of review sites and the many social media forums for sharing patient experience and opinions, it is important to monitor a surgeon’s online profile. Often doctors are attacked on the web with slanderous postings and negative reviews. Propaganda left unaddressed will deter business and impede on a competent doctors ability to help new patients.

If a bad review appears on Yelp or Healthgrades or any of the hundreds of sites for public opinion, it is important to address it right away. Experienced marketing firms will eliminate harmful propaganda from Google searches and protect the reputation of practices doctors work years to establish.

Mediasophia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design Palm Beach and online reputation management to protect cosmetic surgeons from defaming content on the web. Its doctors are represented as leading surgeons in international progressive cities including New York, Paris and Palm Beach.

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