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NNRC is a global leader in providing essential services to legal professionals.

(FOLSOM, CA) APRIL 7, 2015— The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that will make it easier for more attorneys to connect with the country’s top network of court reporting companies.

NNRC is a network of reporting companies that meet rigid standards for professionalism and range of services. NNRC members can provide videoconferencing, realtime reporting, deposition support, legal video services, online repositories, and other services that are crucial to meeting the challenges of today’s legal work.

On the new website, legal professionals can see many of the cities that are served by this vast network of court reporting professionals. They can also learn about individual court reporting companies and find out about some of the exciting services offered by each firm.

For lawyers, access to this type of network greatly expands their reach. Working remotely now becomes a possibility in many cases, offering lawyers ways to mitigate travel demands or take command of a wide array of media types that are a part of their cases.

For more information on the National Network or Reporting Companies, visit their new website at

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