Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso Announces Launch of New Website: bodysculptinginstitute.net

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso Announces Launch of New Website: bodysculptinginstitute.net








Body sculpting procedures have become more popular for men and women, and a new website from Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is helping people learn more about each possibility.

(PLANTATION, FL) JANUARY 19, 2015— Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, one of the top cosmetic surgeons in South Florida, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website devoted to giving people the information about a variety of body sculpting procedures that are available to today’s discerning patients.

The new website, bodsculptinginstitute.net, is the source for information about a number of procedures that are helping people take command of their look in new ways. Over the last several years, advances in body sculpting procedures have enabled patients to look fit when diet and exercise are not enough.

Tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and Brazilian butt lifts have become more popular than ever before. Liposuction now offers many different variations to meet the very specific needs of each individual patient.

Another product of the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery has been the growing number of men who are considering a wide range of procedures and treatments to look more youthful and fit. Men are finding that there are many options for them that can help them revitalize their appearance and eliminate stubborn fat that is holding men back from a more flattering physique.

For more information about body sculpting procedures from one of the area’s top cosmetic surgeons, visit the website and schedule a consultation today.

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