The Sophia Group Announces SophiaStar, Its New Company Dedicated to Reputation Management, PR, Social Media and Web Design for Celebrities

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.43.10 PMSophiaStar is the Sophia Group’s newest company dedicated to Internet presence building and reputation management for celebrities and high profile individuals.

“Celebrity profiles on the Internet can determine success and a bad reputation and Internet slander can end careers.”  -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 28, 2014– The Sophia Group is pleased to announce its new addition to the Internet marketing enterprise. SophiaStar is the Sophia Group’s full service marketing firm dedicated to reputation management, web design and Internet public relations for celebrities and individuals in the spotlight. Publicity is not always beneficial when it is focused around negative circumstances like false allegations or Internet propaganda. In fact slanderous posts on social media and the bombarding of news media on the web can result in serious consequences that end careers.

Online reputation management for high profile television personalities and individuals in the public eye can be the  most important career investment. How a person is represented online can determine success. If negative publicity should surface on the Internet it is important to eliminate it from Google searches before years of hard work developing a reputation are ruined. What people read on the Internet is very influential. Propaganda and slanderous reports posted online can result in job termination and interfere with future career opportunities.

SophiaStar, the newest addition to the Sophia Group Internet marketing enterprise specializes in Internet PR and online reputation management for celebrities and high profile individuals. Its web design, social media networking and reverse SEO strategies are components of marketing that protect clients from Internet propaganda and publicized false accusations.

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