New York Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

New York Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

This new NNRC member page will give attorneys around the country an easy way to connect with the best court reporting firm in New York City.

(NEW YORK CITY) NOV 6, 2013— New York court reporters at Ellen Grauer Court Reporting and the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) are pleased to announce a new member page designed to help legal professional locate professional court reporters in the New York area.

Established in 1997, Ellen Grauer Court Reporting is an independent agency that prides itself on consistently meeting the ever changing demands of the national legal community. In a field where clients expect impeccable service, Ellen Grauer Court Reporting offers expertise in the latest technological advances and personal attention on every case.

More than 55 customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe make up the network of firms that is NNRC. After a rigorous screening process, firms can be added to the network that provides a valuable resource for legal professionals who are working in a more interconnected world where it is often necessary to work from the road, meaning lawyers need a place where they can find competent, high-quality litigation support around the country.

This new page is a place where legal professionals can get acquainted with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting and find out a little more about the firm. They can also find direction straight to the company’s website where they can learn about many of the exciting services that Ellen Grauer Court Reporting can provide to assist today’s competitive legal community.

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Law firms who need to schedule a deposition with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting for their trip to New York or to work remotely can do so through a simple interface on NNRC’s website or directly through the company’s website.

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