NNRC Announces Legal Video FAQ

Credit: Deposition Academy (Folsom, California) June 17, 2020 The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce theirĀ  page of frequently asked questions about legal video. Legal videography is a massive part of the litigation industry, but many professionals … Continue reading “NNRC Announces Legal Video FAQ”

Hanna & Hanna Announces Legal Video Specialists

Credit: EvoLLLution (Houston, Texas) January 29, 2020 Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporters and Video Specialists in Houston, Texas, are pleased to announce their certified legal video specialists. These Houston court reporters are known for their devotion to their world … Continue reading “Hanna & Hanna Announces Legal Video Specialists”

Anderson Reporting Announces Legal Video FAQ

Credit: Experience Columbus (Folsom, California) January 30, 2019 Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce a new page of Frequently Asked Questions on Legal Videography. The Columbus court reporters are known for their accurate, timely, and effective reporting, but their videography … Continue reading “Anderson Reporting Announces Legal Video FAQ”