Miami-Based Court Reporting Company Launches New Internet Marketing Campaign

MIAMI, FL (OCTOBER 5, 2022) – Laws Reporting, one of the top South Florida court reporting firms with more than four decades in the court reporting industry, is pleased to announce the start of a new online venture to spread awareness of the company’s services and expertise and grow its revenues. Founded by Paula Laws in 1976, Laws Reporting, a family-owned and operated business, provides a range of services to legal professionals in Southeast Florida and beyond. The new campaign will utilize press releases, articles, blog posts and social media posts to publicize Laws Reporting’s esteemed and valued work in the legal community in places like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Kansas City.

Based in Miami, Laws Reporting offers law firms, attorneys and lawyers a broad array of support services to help them succeed. Of course, the company offers accurate and reliable Miami court reporters to transcribe legal proceedings in courtrooms, mediations and depositions. The firm also offers remote depositions, videoconferencing, transcription services, interpreters and mediation services. In addition, the company helps legal professionals prepare for trial with its records retrieval services, which can include photographers and videographers who document conditions to make a case stronger.

Laws Reporting offers interpreters, a valuable service in the cultural melting pot of Miami and South Florida. The company’s interpreters help witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs and other parties communicate and participate in legal proceedings such as through giving sworn depositions. Laws Reporting offers interpreters in Spanish, Creole, Thai, Portuguese, Cantonese, Korean and Chinese Mandarin.

Laws Reporting’s new online marketing campaign will aim to raise awareness within the South Florida legal community of the company’s services, as well as reach lawyers, attorneys and law firms in Kansas City, Missouri, where the company has a satellite office. Through strategic posts, articles, press releases and social media postings the campaign will enhance the south florida court reporting company’s website and image among the targeted audience. The campaign will help Laws Reporting’s website rank higher for various search terms, including “court reporters Miami,” “court reporters Kansas City” and other terms and reach more potential clients. These posts, articles and press releases will showcase Laws Reporting’s experience and value to lawyers and attorneys handling all types of cases.

The company’s experienced and knowledgeable court reporters are well-versed in different branches of law, knowing the terminology of various areas of practice. This knowledge saves clients valuable time because they do not need to clarify everything that is said in court or a legal proceeding. Clients can count on precise and dependable transcripts of the proceedings.

Laws Reporting features the aforementioned Paula Laws, a Registered Professional Court Reporter, Certified Manager of Reporting Services and NCRA Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, and Chief Operating Officer Marti Sutherland-Vidal. Both women are Florida Professional Reporters. Ms. Laws, past president of the National Court Reporters Association, Florida Court Reporters Association and a member of the National Network Reporting Company, graduated from Barry University. Ms. Sutherland-Vidal graduated from Florida State University. Ms. Sutherland-Vidal became COO in 2001.

Ms. Laws and Ms. Sutherland-Vidal hope to make Laws Reporting a major force in the industry for years to come. The company has embraced technology that makes it easier to communicate with clients. Services like remote depositions and videoconferencing show how Laws Reporting is staying on the cutting edge. With the commencement of its new internet marketing campaign, Laws Reporting can position itself as a trend-setter and market leader in the Miami market and the Kansas City market.

As a result of the marketing campaign, the company’s rankings for pertinent Google searches should greatly improve, leading to more exposure for the company and hopefully more revenue.

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