Envision Legal Announces Legal Video FAQ

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(Las Vegas, Nevada) August 12, 2020

Envision Legal is pleased to announce their page on frequently asked questions about legal video. Many legal professionals are uncertain what a legal video service might entail for them, and Envision ventures to clarify any concerns. On this FAQ page, readers have some of the top questions answered: How is a recorded deposition used in trial? Are deposition videographers certified? Can deposition video be used in place of live testimony? How should a witness prepare for their video deposition? What is deposition synchronizing? Visit the page to learn more about each and every one of these topics.

For two decades, founders Monice and Kenneth Campbell have led their Las Vegas court reporters with a dedication to the details unlike many other firms. They treat each and every client with the same level of respect and care, no matter how large or small their case may be. Clients can come to Envision Legal with their big-city expectations and experienced individualized service that isn’t usually found on such a large scale.

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These Las Vegas court reporters provide far more than quality court reporting. Attorneys can schedule just about any litigation support service they require with Envision Legal. Be it a remote deposition via Zoom, real-time trial support, e-discovery, and so much more. There is nothing an attorney can’t do with Envision Legal by their side.

For more information on Envision Legal, call (702) 805-4800,  or email [email protected].

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