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(Troy, Michigan) July 21, 2020

Dr. Anthony Weinert is pleased to announce a new profile on his work and his practice, Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute. The profile discusses Dr. Weinert’s philosophy, his dedication to his clients, as well as his desire to better his community. Future patients can learn a little more about the Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute, Dr. Weinert’s publications, and his nonprofit, all details that help solidify that he is a doctor for the people.

Since the early 2000s, Dr. Weinert has served as one of the top podiatrists in the Detroit area. Patients across the state come to Dr. Weinert and the Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute for his great bedside manner, and his ability to pin-point other problems in the body through his podiatry.

“Dr. Weinert is not only knowledgeable in his field but he really takes the time to explain what’s going on and what the options are,” one patient says. “You can tell he truly cares and knows his stuff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

No two cases are the same. Sometimes, surgery is necessary. Other times, problems can be addressed by holistic options. Dr. Weinert carefully assesses his patients to ensure that they receive the treatment that best fits their needs. He treats his patients like individuals with unique needs, providing them the personal care they need to feel like the best version of themselves.

For more information on Dr. Weinert and Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute, call (248) 362–3338 or fill out this contact form.

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