Shalloway & Shalloway Announces Free Facebook Live Elder Law Seminar

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) May 7, 2020

Shalloway & Shalloway, top West Palm Beach elder law firm, is pleased to announce their upcoming free Facebook Live elder law seminars. Every month, president Mark Shalloway hosts these free seminars on elder law so to perpetuate the spread of education on these important topics. With the current global health crisis, however, it isn’t feasible to have these events in person as they used to occur.

Instead of cancelling, Shalloway’s staff developed a new way to host the event safely and effectively. By having these seminars on Facebook Live, Shalloway can share information on protecting one’s assets, qualifying for Medicaid,  planning for longterm care pre-crisis and at crisis, and more while everyone is safe at home.

On education and virtual seminars, Mark Shalloway has this to say:

“In keeping with our commitment to community education and preparedness, we are designing some interesting and informative virtual seminars and podcasts. We hope that this will perhaps provide some diversion and education for our clients and the community during this time.”

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For nearly 30 years, Mark Shalloway has served South Florida families who need advice on estate planning, protecting their assets, special needs trusts, and so much more. He is hailed for his dedication to helping the people and speaking to his clients in “plain English” and a respectful manner.

Providing the public education is one of the many ways that Shalloway and his firm give back to the community. It is their desire to make sure those who need an elder law attorney are knowledgeable about the topic so they can make decisions that truly benefit themselves or their loved ones.

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