BWF Reporting Announces Oregon Legal Resources

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(Portland, Oregon) November 7, 2019

Beovich, Walter & Friend Reporting is pleased to announce the firm’s new page of Oregon Legal Resources. With the plethora of Google results that pop up when attorneys and paralegals research legal resources, it can be difficult to discern which fit their needs best. To help combat some of that confusion, Beovich, Walter & Friend (or BWF for short) developed a page of the best legal resources for the state of Oregon. The list is concise and to the point, allowing attorneys to get what they need, when they need it.

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For over 60 years, BWF has served the Oregon legal community with the utmost dignity. Unlike some court reporting firms, BWF does what it can to incorporate the latest technological advances into their business. As these changes in technology have risen, attorneys have grown to require these advancements. The firms who do not incorporate the latest technology fall behind. BWF listens to the needs of their clients and uses those requirements to improve their business.

“Client oriented firms, like Beovich, Walter & Friend, are the court reporting firms that stick out,” Pavel Nmi Usalko, an expert from Covington, Kentucky says. “The fact that Beovich, Walter & Friend is still open after sixty years is a testament to their work.”

But BWF is more than just a top-tier court reporting firm– they act as a full-service litigation firm. Whether a client need a court reporter, a videographer, or trial presentation, the capable staff at BWF have their backs. The firm also offers transparent billing. Sneaky charges are the best way to lose a client’s trust, and BWF refuses to stoop so low. The initial charges presented are the only charges clients can expect, instilling a level of trust many businesses don’t have.

For more information, call (503) 228-7201, email, or visit their office.

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