Advanced Weight Loss Announces New Office Location

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(Portland, Texas) October 16, 2019

Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce their new office location in Portland, Texas. This location in particular offers Advanced Weight Loss’ weight loss program, B-Complex and Lipo-Plus injections, and bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. The addition of their new office allows Dr. Eubank and his staff to serve a larger number of people than ever before—resulting in faster patient intake, and more people in south Texas with the weight loss results they’ve always wanted.

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Since the clinic opened its doors, there hasn’t been a better place in south Texas for medically supervised weight loss than Advanced Weight Loss in Corpus Christi. Dr. Dale Eubank fully realized just how bad the obesity epidemic was, especially for women, as he worked in gynecology. With frequent the hormone fluctuations from childbirth, menopause, and even the monthly shifts women’s bodies undergo, weight can easily balloon. Dr. Eubank knew he had to do something about it.

Dr. Eubank doesn’t work towards weight loss solutions that only have short-term effects. The Advanced Weight Loss Program focuses on lifestyle changes that stay with you for the long haul—resulting in weight loss that sticks. With Advanced’s team of registered nurses and counselors, patients are put on an easy-to-navigate program that leads them to the healthy and fit lifestyle everyone wants. In 12 weeks, men and women alike lose an average of 35 pounds—just ask one of the clinic’s thousands of patients.

Dr. Dale Eubank

“I have been so happy with my decision to participate in Dr. Eubank’s weight loss program,” one satisfied client says. “I have lost 50 pounds and gained much better eating and lifestyle habits… I was able to get off of my meds, stop using my CPAP, get my hypertension under control, and score within the range required to get the better health insurance plan. My friends and family tell me I look like a different person (they joke that I am half the man I was). I can say that I do feel like a different person. I have not had this much energy since I was in school…”

Along with weight loss, many patients see a reduction in hypertension, joint pain, acid reflux, sleep apnea, cholesterol, inflammation conditions, and insulin imbalance. Advanced Weight Loss is about more than getting patients down to a specific number. The staff truly wants their patients to be the healthiest, and happiest versions of themselves.

Visit Advanced Weight Loss’s new location to get started on your weight loss journey. Call (361) 977-2033, email [email protected], or fill out their contact form.

Our Portland, Texas Office

1302 Wildcat Drive, Suite A, Portland, TX 78374

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