Laws Reporting Announces New Services

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(Miami, Florida) August 12, 2019

Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their extensive list of litigation support services. These days, court reporting firms offer much more than the title suggests. To be competitive in their industry, firms must provide clients a host of support services to choose from, so they are always with a litigation support company they can trust. The talented Miami court reporters at Laws Reporting now offer far more than most run of the mill companies. With over a dozen litigation services to choose from—from Spanish speaking court reporters to governmental proceedings—Laws Reporting has the backs of attorneys and paralegals across all of south Florida.

By “all of south Florida,” Laws Reporting truly means all of south Florida. The company has office spaces in 19 different cities across south Florida, so their clients don’t have to travel long distances to work with the best court reporters down south. Whether an attorney works in Port St. Lucie or Key West, they can always count on Laws Reporting.

“Laws Reporting offers a level of service and dedication that is unparalleled in Miami,” NGOTechnologies CEO, Jasel Patel, says. “The staff never does a half-baked job. They don’t abandon a case once their portion of the work is done. Each case they work is seen through to completion, so to ensure their clients don’t need an unexpected service. That is something few professionals are willing to do, and it really puts them over the edge with quality and professionalism.”

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As a recently added member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), the nearly 45 year old firm’s status as the best in the business is only solidified. Only firms with the highest level of accuracy, professionalism, speed, and customer service are accepted as members to the international database of court reporting firms. As a result, Laws Reporting s able to offer their stellar services to attorneys and paralegals across the world.

For more information on Laws Reporting, call (954) 581-4010, email [email protected], or visit their offices.

7805 S.W. 6th Court Suite 51, Plantation, FL 33324

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