Coash & Coash Announces New Areas of Practice Page

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(Phoenix, Arizona) July 24, 2019

Coash & Coash is pleased to announce their new areas of practice page. The Phoenix court reporters have been compiling a list of areas of practice in which their staff specializes. Having a court reporter who fully understands an attorney’s field of work is an invaluable resource. It allows attorneys to proceed without worrying about if their reporter can keep up with the difficult nuances and terminology that comes with the area of practice.

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Health law, in particular, is a daunting field to dive in head-first. Court reporters have to balance knowledge that encompasses anything from fraud to medical malpractice. This is why Coash & Coash’s latest addition to their database of court reporters is such a major update. Attorneys in Arizona can be confident there is a group of litigation professionals that has a complete understanding of their area of practice.

“Court reporters are the invisible heroes of the court room,” Jasel Patel of Princeton, New Jersey says. “I don’t think people realize just how valuable a good court reporter can be—especially one that specializes in a variety of areas of practice. Reporters who do that can help for a successful case, and firms that employ these court reporters are staples of the legal world.”

For over 30 years, Coash & Coash has been an instrumental part of cases across the state of Arizona. Attorneys and paralegals turn to the firm time and time again for their standard of accuracy, efficiency, and customer service. No matter how big or how small, Coash & Coash has brought the best of the best litigation specialists to the table.

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