Coash & Coash Reporting Announces Mobile Booking Engine

(Phoenix, Arizona) January 17, 2019

Coash & Coash Phoenix Deposition Reporters is pleased to announce their 24/7 online booking engine. The scheduling service is available through their website, and is compatible with computers, cellphones, and tablets alike. The page is easily located on their website. If on a computer, all a client has to do is select “Schedule a Deposition” from the menu at the very top of the page. If on a cell phone, a client must select the drop-down menu and scroll to the bottom, where the same option is located.

From there, scheduling a service is a breeze. To find Phoenix court reporters that fit all their needs, the client must complete information about themselves, their case, and their needed litigation service—court reporting, videography, or otherwise. Clients can book with Coash & Coash in just a few minutes, from the comfort of their office, or even in line at a coffee shop.

“Online booking engines really make a world of difference,” Pavel Nmi Usalko from Covington, Kentucky says. “Having the option to book a service any time, anywhere, really takes a load off busy attorneys’ shoulders. By adding this resource to their website, Coash & Coash are really changing the game.”

For decades now, Coash & Coash has proven to be one of the top court reporting firms in Phoenix. By offering clients a variety of specialized court reporters and litigation services, they stand out for their dedication to their clients, and their quality service.

For more information on Coash & Coash, call (602) 258-1440 or visit their offices.

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