National Network Reporting Company Announces Arizona Court Reporters Directory

(Phoenix, Arizona) April 30, 2018

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce the publication of a directory of Arizona court reporters. The directory includes listings of court reporting firms for markets in cities as varied as Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale and Flagstaff. It includes a 24/7 booking engine, a clickable map of the national court reporters directory and a list of recent posts related to legal news and the Arizona community.

NNRC firms are all certified and independently-owned. They are among the most technologically advanced and oldest court reporting companies in the nation, offering a full range of services from litigation support and legal videography to videoconferencing and the hosting of depositions and board meetings.

The National Network Reporting Company is the nation’s largest court reporters directory. The official NNRC website at offers a full range of legal and court reporting resources from legal news to information on the specific types of services offered by members. The NNRC blog includes news about specific areas of practices, law offices in different cities, and bar association events.

Firms listed in the Arizona court reporters directory include Coash and Coash, one of the oldest reporting companies in the nation. Proprietor and owner Jerry Coash is among the most respected professionals within the Phoenix legal community.

The Phoenix court reporters provide 24/7 bookings and offer their services to law offices and attorneys flying in from different parts of the United States as well as to those in Arizona and around the Phoenix legal community.

For more information about NNRC visit the official NNRC home page and the official Facebook page.


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