Dr. Angelo Thrower’s Miami Medi Spa Announces Advanced Clinical Facials

(Miami, Florida) May 11, 2018

The Miami Medi Spa of Dr. Angelo Thrower is pleased to announce the addition of advanced clinical facials to its list of procedures and services in its Miami Shores offices. Dr. Thrower is among the most-celebrated and longest-tenured Miami African American dermatologists. His patient list includes men and women of all nationalities and ethnicities in search of fine anti-aging skin care procedures and products for their varied skin tones and backgrounds.

Miami’s Skin Care Specialist for All Ethnic Groups

Dr. Thrower’s Medi Spa and Skin Care offers patients a unique blend of experienced and exclusive products to treat acne, provide fat reduction procedures and treat all manner of skin conditions.  The medi spa offers many anti-aging procedures such as skin tightening and skin resurfacing.

Commenting on the advanced clinical facials Dr. Thrower states: “Our advanced clinical facials consists of a variety of treatments including dermaplane, skin lightening peels and anti-aging peels that are designed for the unique properties and needs of every patient. One of my goals as a dermatologist is to provide the custom care and rejuvenating procedures that the Miami multi-ethnic population demands in our ever more image-conscious era. Our treatments provide psychological as well as physical benefits to those suffering from low self-esteem and depression due to their skin conditions.”

Dr. Angelo Thrower’s Exclusive Products

Dr. Angelo Thrower

Dr. Thrower and his experienced staff specializing in treating skin conditions and offering services for African American patients. His product line includes the most technologically advanced skin care creams designed for ethnic patients from all over the world including those with Hispanic and African American backgrounds.

Dr. Thrower is the creator of body, hair and skin care products that are available only in his offices for his patients. The customized skin and anti-aging treatments are designed for every patient and provide organic and long-term results.

For more information about Dr. Angelo’s Medi Spa visit the official website at drthrowermedspa.com and the official Facebook page. The office is located at 180 N.E. 99th Street in Miami Shores, Florida, 33138.

To book an appointment call (305) 757-9797.

Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care Office Location


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