Roberto de Guevara, Respiras Founder, Announces Six Step Breathing Training Program

(Colorado Springs, CO) February 28, 2018

Roberto de Guevara of Colorado Springs and Founder of Respiras, is pleased to announce the creation of a new six-step program to maximize breathing efficiency and physical performance. The program allows for patients to improve their breathing within their own homes and within their own time frames without a visit to the Respiras offices.

Roberto de Guevara (left) at a Lecture in Japan

The program is an educational series of instructions utilizing special¬†capnography equipment and software designed and tailored to each individual’s needs. Mr. de Guevara’s approach to teaching breathing prioritizes overall health and teaches people to understand breathing as part of a natural act that increases oxygen flow to the brain to enhance everything from physical performance to emotional health.

Anna Bartholemy, a dietician and fitness expert in Portland, Oregon explains the relationship between healthy breathing and overall physical health:

“It is estimated that more than 74% of Americans are overweight. In my training I teach my students that exercise is only part of the equation. I teach them the importance of healthy eating and optimized breathing.”

The Respiras program is designed as a non-invasive approach to improving one’s health and physical performance. The benefits include increased sleep, more efficient airflow to the brain which minimizes stress and reduces the risk of stroke and other ailments. The breathing program also helps patients treat sleep apnea and snoring.

The benefits are many and significant. They include weight loss with increased breathing efficiency.

Roberto de Guevara is an educator who has consulted for the United States Military where he helped soldiers maximize and optimize their physical performance through breathing. His lectures include stops across the United States and Japan.

About the Respiras process Mr. de Guevara states:

“The importance of proper breathing cannot be over-estimated. We have found that our approach to maximizing breathing and body efficiency by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain helps people address so many life-threatening ailments.”

For more information on Respiras visit the official website at For more information about Roberto de Guevara visit his official official Research Gate page.


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