Barbara Sharief Officially Announces Candidacy for National Association of Counties (NACO) President

(Fort Lauderdale, December 15, 2017) Former Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief officially announced her candidacy for President of the National Association of Counties (NACO). NACO is a national organization dedicated to empowering America’s counties and advocating for business interests as well as local political figures. The organization maintains a persuasive presence in the political sphere of the United States, particularly as it pertains to local politicians and their administrations.

Mayor Sharief’s campaign is based on her leadership and strong stewardship of Broward County. Barbara Sharief’s reign was highly popular with business interests, police unions and citizens alike. Her many initiatives and and strong leadership help heal a county that was hit hard by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Barbara Sharief was the leader Broward County needed after the shootings at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Her composed and confident personality blend easily and harmoniously with her warm approach to garnering business interest in her constituency. Her calm presence during the tumult of the airport shootings was widely-applauded by state and national media entities alike.

As a successful entrepreneur and charismatic former Mayor of Broward County, Barbara Sharief has made pledges committed to strengthening county economies, solving the opioid epidemic, providing treatment for those with mental illness and substance abuse, providing better care for veterans and their families as part of her platform for her candidacy.

For more information about Barbara Sharief and her candidacy for President of the National Association of Counties visit her official website at For more information about NACO visit their official website at

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