Eagle Arts Academy, Wellington, Florida Charter School, Leads the Way in Green Living

Wellington, FL (June 28, 2016)

Eagle Arts Academy, a charter arts elementary and middle school in Wellington, Florida, has been featured in LED Source for its reduction of energy use by 74% using LED lighting technologies. You can read the whole article here. Founded by Gregory James Blount in 2013, the school switched from low efficiency traditional lamps to eFFINION® DecaBay® HighBay LED lighting technologies that not only increased efficiency but also offered a mush softer and brighter illumination for the gymnasium and other areas.

Mr. Blount describes the transformation and what it meant to the school’s students and to its energy bills: “In one fell swoop we were able to provide our kids with a better working environment with more clarity while cutting back on our energy consumption and saving money for our electrical bills. We are very pleased with the results and we continue to utilize the latest technologies in our school.”

Eagle Arts Academy is celebrated for its “arts-first curriculum that provides a minimum of 40 minutes of art instruction per day for each of its students while also providing an excellent series of classes in the sciences and other fields. Eagle Arts students go on to graduate from elite high schools and colleges and contribute to the arts in communities across America. One study demonstrated that children graduating from charter schools have a grade point average at least one half grade better than those graduating from public schools.

For more information about Eagle Arts Academy visit its official Facebook page or its main website at eagleartsacademy.com. Alternatively, interested parties can contact the school by calling 561.412.4087.

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