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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.46.24 AM(Lake Worth, FL) May 27, 2015- Sophia Web Design is pleased to announce affordable mobile friendly websites for small businesses.

Sophia Web Design mobile responsive websites bring businesses a constant influx of new customers. When a company is represented on the Internet with a sophisticated mobile responsive website it reaches the largest audience and maximizes earning potential. A state of the art design that automatically configures itself to work efficiently on mobile devices is essential to success. The Sophia Web Design websites include features such as touchscreen direct dial and direct link email to make scheduling a service and all forms of business communications quick and simple.

To reach the millions of customers on mobile devices like smart phones, i-pads and tablets, invest in affordable mobile responsive website and never miss a sale. Mobile friendly affordable websites obtain an immediate return on investment.

For a constant influx of new customers invest in Sophia Web Design mobile responsive websites. Our websites are bringing clients the profile needed to captivate audiences and convert viewers into customers. Our affordable pricing allows clients to work within their budget to obtain an immediate return on investment!

To learn more about affordable mobile responsive web design visit Sophia Web Design.

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