Beovich, Walter, and Friend Certified Court Reporters Announce Services for Visiting Attorneys





Beovich, Walter, and Friend is a leading court reporting company in Oregon.

(PORTLAND, OR) APRIL 29, 2015— Oregon court reporters at Beovich, Walter, and Friend Certified Court Reporters are pleased to announce a series of services geared towards assisting attorneys visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Beovich, Walter and Friend has worked to stay ahead of new technology over the years. The firm has positioned itself as a national leader in providing innovative tools and ideas to top legal professionals. Now, lawyers who visit the area can work with confidence that they have all of the tools they need to accomplish their objectives. Beovich, Walter, and Friend offers many services including:

  • Certified Court Reporters (local, national and international coverage)
  • Expedited and Daily Transcripts, Same-Day Drafts
  • Realtime Reporting (connecting to iPads, iPhones, or other device)
  • Internet streaming (text and/or video)
  • Hyperlinked Exhibits and Synchronized Video
  • Videography and Videoconferencing (HD/IP address)
  • Trial Presentation, Document, and Case Management
  • Secure Online Access, 24-Hour Assistance
  • Tape and CD Transcription
  • Complimentary Conference Rooms in Our Office
  • Fully Itemized Invoices

Beovich, Walter, and Friend has set the standard for experienced service among Oregon court reporting firms. They can provide the services that help lawyers take command of information and better serve their clients. To find out more about the services offered, contact the firm today.

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