Celebrity Author and Hotelier Ed Safdie Announces New Listing on AuthorsDB.com

Safdie Has Published Two Books

Celebrity Author and Hotelier Ed Safdie Announces New Listing on AuthorsDB.com
Ed Safdie’s fist book, “Spa Food – Menus & Recipes From The Sonoma Mission Inn” became a hit in the mid-1980s.











Safdie, a New York-based entrepreneur and developer of spas and resorts popular with celebrities and high-profile figures, first made his name as an author.

(NEW YORK, NY) APRIL 11, 2014 – Renowned hotelier and author Edward J. Safdie, author of Spa Food and New Spa Food, is proud to announce that he now has a listing on AuthorsDB.com, an online database of authors and writers. In recent weeks, Safdie, whose company, the Ed J. Safdie Group, owns and manages properties across the country, including some visited by high-profile clients, has begun promoting his company and its properties on various outlets across the internet, as Safdie, a savvy businessman, looks to strengthen and broaden his online profile and that of his company. Ed Safdie burst onto the national literary scene in 1985 with the publication of his first book, Spa Food – Menus & Recipes from the Sonoma Mission Inn, which extolled the virtues of healthy eating represented by foods featured at spas.  This first book, which featured colorful pictures of some of the best spa foods, became a hit, introducing many consumers to spa foods for the first time. The success of this first book led to a follow-up, 1990’s New Spa Food.

Safdie Group Has Properties Across the U.S.

Safdie formed the Edward J. Safdie Group to purchase, renovate and develop properties across the country. The group manages properties across America, including spas, resorts, hotels, residential buildings and commercial buildings in places like North Carolina, Connecticut, New York City, San Francisco and Texas. Some of the company’s properties have become quite popular with elite clientele, drawing visitors like Hollywood actors and actresses, famous filmmakers, politicians, renowned businessmen, musicians and famous models. Some of the figures who have visited the firm’s properties include Tina Turner, the late U. S. Senator Ted Kennedy, director Steven Spielberg, members of the Monaco’s royal family and other foreign dignitaries.

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